The most advanced bicycle locks, Skylock allows you to remotely

according to news from the us national public radio NPR, San Francisco, a “Velo Labs” start-ups are launched a is likely to be the most advanced in the history of bicycle locks the financing project.

Velo Labs is a young company, more than by the galle – Pakistan Luo Dina (Gerardo Barroeta) and Jack – Al slip (Jack Al – kahwati) founded in February 2013, the company’s business location is clean energy technology, hard and soft one product development. It is understood that the company’s main product is called “Skylock”, which claims that a product can open bike “networked era”.

Velo Labs, said the Skylock has a matching use iPhone application, the user can through the application to your own bicycle lock, or share the password to use other friend to borrow. Velo Labs want the future to the password sharing scope will not only be limited circles at home and friends, but can be Shared in the whole bike platform.

“we saw will, of course, this may access is open to anyone, and allow others to similar reality (the famous American short rent website) model using bicycle. And you don’t need to carry out their own password, you need to do is click a button on the application to unlock.” Carvalho said.

of course, if you lazy to do this, you can also through the mobile phone bluetooth connection “keyless entry” function. That is to say, bicycle lock will automatically unlock when you close the bicycle.

in addition, Skylock also has the function of some other good. For example, when someone to hold onto your bicycle for a long time, your bike may face the risk of theft. But at the moment, Skylock can manner through SMS reminders. Bike and, when you are driving in a car accident, Skylock will take the initiative to ask the user whether ok, if users do not have feedback, Skylock contact aid agencies around automatically.

“Skylock is composed of a built-in solar panel power supply, because without charging use.” Slip finally said.

the Skylock market is expected to be officially launched in early 2015, the initial price of $159. But in the early through the market, the price of the product will adjust to $250.

source: BI assigned