The most intelligent time management application Timeful by kleiner perkins caufield & byers, khosla have a crush on at the same time

a few months, the industry has been in a very low startup called Timeful wagging. Timeful company got Khosla Ventures, Data of Collective and Kleiner Perkins vc firm support, and raised nearly $7 million in A round of funding, that seems to clearly show that the company itself has some interesting points, but so far, details about Timeful product materials are few and far between.

last week, as the Timeful flagship product launch, the answer at last. It is an iOS application, its aim is to help people manage their time effectively. Time management application and was not a novelty, but he can get top vc, still is had to cause our attention.

the three founders Timeful formed an impressive team, it includes behavioral economics expert Dan Ariely, science and technology of serial entrepreneurs Yoav Shoham, and Stanford PhD Jacob Bank. According to the three of them, the purpose of this application is to substantially beyond the popular use of calendar or a to-do application. “Although a dime a dozen, but people need a really has the practical value of the calendar. It can better manage time, “Shoham, founder of with him in the said in an interview last week.

how to spend the time in different activities divided into priority and sorting, this is a challenging problem, so you need to use to Shoham and Bank of professional knowledge. Ariely professional knowledge to help solve the problem between human behavior and time management, and in the management of people time, give the machine data acquisition function and optimization to solve the problem of people repeat mistakes.

from a user’s point of view, the working principle of Timeful is this: you can connect the application to any of your existing calendar application, iCal, for example, Microsoft Exchange or Google Calender. Then you tell the application you need and want to do other activities, input specific things such as “buy milk”, or more fuzzy matters such as the “movement” or “often” cooking. You can also according to own hobby to let Timeful planning a scheme, with characteristics of opposite or leisure or compact, all kinds of activities and time to arrange everything. Timeful will provides you with a personal customized calendar, is a combination of all the things you need to do and you want to schedule, and the maximum extent, make sure you are able to complete.

your reaction to schedule will further feedback to Timeful provided to you next on the agenda. The principle of it is the more you use, the better. In addition, the company said the Timeful found that suits you best time of life activity, similar to Pandora with your favorite music, or Netflix recommend you love movie technology program.

Timeful most crucially, it can put your important things into your private life, the same, it can also be arranged matters more prominent in your work life. To attend a business meeting or to reserve the doctor takes time, often to help your child do homework is almost the same, but you will probably only adding the former your actual calendar. People are the most common complaint is that their work is too much, or they don’t have enough time to solve those things that really matter.” Timeful purpose is to help you think about how to spend time in all aspects of the most important in your life.

this is indeed a well-made products, but it is likely to encounter some challenges in real life and collision: after all, most of us use the calendar to keep for a long time, and never change. Before, there are a series of similar to the application of personal assistant, have claimed they can help people to spend more time with family or friends, on the activity of the opposite, spend less time on Kim Kardashian game – they all had different degrees of success.

Timeful have tool for real work: it not only has a really simple and intuitive interface, and extraordinary intelligence personnel support behind, and has a place for technical elite team of 20 people in California. Timeful absolutely worth a try, especially those of us who are trying to find how to arrange time more efficiency.