The national-level project investment activities 】 【 NO1

on June 7 days afternoon, hunting cloud network s first phase of the project investment fields successfully held in the center of the financial street parkson.

this activity directed at the invitation of five entrepreneurial companies to participate in road shows, four start-up investment institutions (partners China, sequoia capital, nine and vc, DE maoxian capital) to attend. Docking, car wash O2O to wash the car and intellectual property service company know blended to obtain capital community friends.

cloud network hunting venture investment fields will be held on a regular basis, public welfare activities, completely free of entrepreneurs and investment institutions. We welcome the demand for an angel and A round of investment has the risk of investment institutions to participate, risk investment institutions interested in can send mail to

as a new mode focusing on new product new technology blog, hunting cloud network will continue to be reported in the field of deep entrepreneurial innovation. Entrepreneurs seek reported by weibo @ cloud network, hunting WeChat (WeChat ID: ) background to contact us, or send mail to and contact us. Business reports completely free, beware of fake.