The next generation of mobile phone lithium battery life that can support the car

according to, a new study from Stanford university, enables the next generation of mobile phone lithium batteries the range of 2-3 times. Not only that, but analysts believe that the future automobile manufacturers can use the battery, make a cheaper cars.

life has become a smart phone, and wearable equipment development bottleneck problem. Before the advent of a new generation of battery technology did not, the current OEM common to think of is how to reduce the power consumption of mobile products. But this is just take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure to painkillers. As a more portable miniaturization of the arrival of the wave of wearable devices, how to improve the unit on battery power, improve the efficiency of the battery release power, to reduce the entropy of the energy transfer, has become the top priority.

at Stanford university in the new technology, through the use of “shield” nano carbon volatile chemical components in the solid battery components, thus improve the battery anode charging capacity and efficiency. As a result, the discharge of lithium-ion batteries raised, less power loss, thus can improve the battery life.

of course, the technology is still in development stage. But more powerful “capacity” battery technology has not far from us!