The professional networking site LinkedIn users reached 300 million worldwide

Beijing time April 19th morning news, the professional social network LinkedIn has announced on its web site, the service of the current global users has more than 300 million, more than half in the abroad.

LinkedIn reiterated that the goal is to connect the world, 3.3 billion people in the workplace. In order to achieve this goal, LinkedIn is around the user’s identity, the network forge personal experience and knowledge accumulation. Therefore, LinkedIn is through content product transformation. In order to provide users with the necessary business information, LinkedIn by Pulse aggregate content from publishers millions around the world, while the Influencer function gathered the opinions about 500 business leaders. In addition, LinkedIn continues to expand distribution platform, LinkedIn Groups and relevant services.

LinkedIn talked about the importance of mobile business, and is expected later this year, its mobile traffic will be more than 50% of the total flow. At the moment, costa rica, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, the united Arab emirates, and Britain’s users via mobile devices more use LinkedIn service. In more than 200 countries, LinkedIn mobile page views for an average of 15 million times a day, work views for 1.45 million times, and applications of 44000 times.

LinkedIn from more than two years ago to start developing mobile applications. At present, these applications are available according to the different usage scenarios. LinkedIn is still expanding mobile product line, for example, has launched a new SlideShare applications. LinkedIn also focus on with apple, nokia and samsung and other companies to establish relations of cooperation, and this year will also be looking for more of this kind of strategic cooperation.

LinkedIn noted, introduced a simplified Chinese website of beta earlier this year, expand the business in China. The company goal is to connect more than 140 million professionals in China.

source: sina science and technology