The PS4 has a profit, or will break the PS2 sales record!

if SONY wants to reverse its losses, such as 4 PS of the best-selling products you have to turn a profit. Fortunately, SONY’s latest game console PS 4 has been designed to meet the requirements of the of SONY’s investment in hardware and compensation, and it looks like it has already begun to penetrate the legendary PS2 set a record of profitability.

in a corporate strategy meeting, SONY’s chairman and chief executive, said hirai PS4 “based on hardware has made a profit contribution to the company, is now the previous platform in the enterprise to a completely different industry framework.” Hirai here refers to the game console, which is self-evident: PS3 in exhaust has a SONY’s “biggest game product success” the laudatory name of PS 2 after its earnings, took three years to get rid of the shadow’s losses.

the remarks, President of SONY is not stunning. In fact, they backed up the company’s recent annual report, the report showed the game product sales has been supported by 4 PS grew 53%. And sales results also benefit from the SONY game service, because the world’s 7 million PS4 holders “” about half of the people have already registered the PlayStation Plus members. While all this is unlikely to be solved in a short time SONY deep financial problems – the company overall losses in 2014 is still expected to happen – but hirai believe the upcoming PlayStation Now (currently under test) and new TV media streaming service based on cloud will launch (years) “has great potential, to combine and become a platform to generate more revenue.” Thus, to develop more solid immersion PS4 game products also have not cannot.

Via: Engadget