The raise is not only a small company financing channels, project field also become a big company

the suggests mode is no longer the patent of small companies. Some have abundant funds support startups and cash-rich big companies also began to raise business websites in the Indiegogo Inc., tested the market on their own creative projects, including a wearable device manufacturers Misfit Wearables Inc., and chip maker Marvell Technology co., Ltd. (Marvell Technology Group Ltd.).

test of the project: the raise new function

in the past, unable to find a vc or bank financing channels of startups due to financial constraints to the use of the raise website for financing, and Misfit Wearables and marvell is endowed with new functions for the raise sites. Large companies gradually found that they can carry on the market research with the help of the raised platform, at the same time can also be research costs to volunteer to investors.

marvell on Indiegogo recently completed a small-scale financing, and the company’s revenue for the last fiscal year to $3.4 billion. Marvell is the purpose of the financing for its Kinoma Create iot suite of market demand for evaluation. The suite can help software developers to manufacturers, while supporting manufacturers to more easily deal with projects, and promote the designers to create outstanding product prototype faster.

the financing of the $52000 test project has attracted more than 500 investors, the single highest investment of up to $599. While investors accordingly from marvell unique investment returns, such as with the first trial project product research and development, and to attend the developer event invitations.

test feedback more convincing

big chip maker marvell executive Peter HuoDi use Indiegogo assessment product demand

marvell, vice President, Peter? HuoDi (Peter Hoddie) said that he had just started to worry that marvell performance in the project of the raised platform test, marvell, after all, is a listed company has a market value of more than $7 billion. But he argued that if the consumer can raise platforms for marvell project “votes”, then this than the conclusion of any industry in the professional organization can persuade marvell management.

HuoDi pointed out: “we have received the feedback from the raised platform for consumers, and according to the feedback of Kinoma Create development plans have been adjusted. It did raise the marvell investment project confidence.”

in the light of the marvell company size, HuoDi consult Indiegogo how to show on the website of the company’s testing project. An Indiegogo staff gives this advice: “directly tell people marvell is stem what of, don’t face.”

website profit by poundage

this by deep-pocketed big project start-up test and promotion activity seems against all the way to raise. But Indiegogo direct competitors Kickstarter Inc., also said that the site is also working to undertake project promotion activity from famous companies. Famous Hollywood director spike? Li (Spike Lee) and zack? Brough (Zach Braff) also have on Kickstarter for their respective project financing, but they also raise clock powder by the opposition.

Indiegogo was established six years ago, and received more than $56 million from venture the cumulative investment. Any creative and have the ability to put into practice the entrepreneurs and companies can use Indiegogo engaged in financing and promotion activities. Because Indiegogo will charge must be from the activity, so the company of these activities to the net, and those who have the strength to complete the project goals of the company but also the favorite of Indiegogo.

Indiegogo plans to raise 9% of the fee in advance. If completed the project goal, the charge rate will drop to 4%. In some projects, if failed to complete the project goal, the site even one.

Indiegogo, chief executive of tesla tile? Rubin (Slava Rubin) pointed out: “we will not only accept small company.” He declined to disclose Indiegogo, the total amount of margin trading platform, and in its 8000 projects per month test and promotion activities and how many activities for well-known companies to get the corresponding returns.

there is no lack of successful cases

when a startup Canary Connect Inc., founder and CEO Adam? Sager on Indiegogo for the first time Mr Sager (Adam) to introduce investors to the company launched a home security system controlled by the application, he began to listen to advice from rubin. Sager recalls: “at that time, rubin always send message to me, ask me, ‘we can do something for you? ‘”

in the end, Canary Connect in April 2013, received $1.2 million in seed capital financing from venture capital institutions, and the financing has developed a prototype. A few months later, the company on Indiegogo financing again, and began to produce this product. Equally important, is also the raised platform test is used to derive the Canary Connect consumer interest in its products, and pass this interest to the more VCS.

Canary Connect the project a success, more than 7400 consumers in its investment of nearly $2 million, far more than the $100000 target set by the company. This also helps the company in March this year obtained by Khosla Ventures brought $10 million in financing. In addition to financing, Canary Connect again through Indiegogo release new products are considered.

although from Khosla Ventures and raised two start-up Fund had won $7.6 million in financing, but the Misfit Wearables or on Indiegogo last year won a close to $850000 in financing. Apple former CEO John? Database (John Sculley) is a Misfit Wearables one of the founders of the company also broke the original $100000 target of project financing, and then received $15 million in financing.

Misfit Wearables use project feedback persuaded retailer Best Buy (Best Buy Co.), convince the Misfit Wearables launched Shine sports tracker with broad consumer demand. It also promote the Misfit Wearables in Shine on sale in the first three months of will the sales of the product scope to expand to 32 countries around the world.

source: tencent technology