The raised first, see letter net financial expansion strategy

net financial letter the company real understanding by the Internet industry because of the raised platform. Online from February 2013 to now, a year more of the time, the network has become the country’s most influential raise the most influential of the raised platform, large Numbers of entrepreneurs need financial support provides a one-stop service.

in fact, in the letter the financial system of the Chinese Internet financial comprehensive service provider business, has included the raise, the P2P network, such as online banking business, loan and a network to the raise, the P2P, financial, primitive will, the financial industry, and other professional financial services sector, broad lateral coverage.

among them, the raise network is completely assume the role of the first army, according to a leading the raise concept focusing effect are obtained. Official website according to the latest figures, the project has reached 935, the total cumulative backers, 79524, the cumulative amount to 25.95 million. Among them, the last year’s “fast men theme movie ‘and’ love insurance ‘projects in participation and the raised amount up to two industry record.

despite gap compared with the similar platform, but the growth for domestic platform is not fast. Why are so growth? This rather than the current platform position and the depth of the ecological building.

net financial CEO qjh-s letter at the recent “all the raise the first global summit” on said, compared with the traditional way of financing, the raise pattern is more open, the integration of various fields, can effectively improve the efficiency of investment, reduce investment threshold, especially for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to provide more opportunities to make my dream come true.

the financialization, localization, incubator, open platform is the network characteristics, raise the core competitiveness lies in innovation.

now the platform is mainly focused on awarding the raise, covers science and technology, cultural creative class, stars, and so on the publishing industry. In it, the raise network platform completely taken free intermediary trading patterns to cultivate the market, that is to say, the project sponsors will fully to obtain corresponding amount after successful financing. The mainstream of the raised platform in the United States such as KickStarter is extracting raised 5% to into. (all the raise future may also be divided into, so have a self-built payment systems, and do the deal data analysis)

due to the raise is a new kind of mode, its cognition, ecological building in business development space and risk monitoring and so on. To raise the net in the online they strive to build a healthy ecological system. Not only organize the answer “the raise university”, and more open platform integration services, for small and medium-sized the raised platform operators, the project sponsor, project references to provide creative, project packaging, project launch, project promotion, such as one-stop service platform.

the raise net COO Sun Hongsheng, said the industry needs a raise good filling, this not only includes many of the raised platform, including horizontal production supply chain, sales, promotion, only the whole ecosystem built, market space will be bigger.


now, the net financial concept of the raise also touched the equity and the raise, and launched the “original”, for investors and entrepreneurs to provide one-stop investment and financing, a comprehensive solution to help entrepreneurs to raise funds quickly, help investors find high quality projects. Raise attention items and the “baby” phase, there will be more original is lay particular stress on the company’s early financing needs, such as demand angel investment phase.

with the above mentioned P2P trading platform and its investment funds, the net financial letter is covered with a startup early phase of the project financing and early to middle stage of different financial needs. According to qjh-s word is, through the raise, peer-to-peer (P2P), all the raise equity and pay, believe the financial need to do is a small micro enterprises may face a phase or may require collection “service”. Said the popular point is the “winner-take-all”.

to a new Internet financial service providers, network financial should keep all business letters and rather scattered forces, as a result, the company with the first major the swimmer is on the raise the net.

now, the net financial letter get a wider range of expansion, is one of the most important overseas market. In January the raise network office in San Francisco. At the end of April a taxi announced a global strategic investment application Hailo; The latest move is the raise website Fundly is planning to take a stake in the United States, the United States a good project in China. By “going out” and strategy of “introducing” as a platform to bring more abundant project and added value.

China’s huge market deltas are also attracting foreign the raised platform. Such as Australia’s most popular Pozible raised platform has recently set up office in Shanghai, all the raise is to develop the Chinese market.