The released tencent micro signal management software companies face extinction

cloud network hunting note: tencent into enterprise office management software market rumours have been heard, a veteran revealed that, “said T guest” tencent sure you want to eat into the market, he more predict there will be a number of traditional management software vendors to die.

recently, tencent would be aimed at enterprises and software developers release micro signal, you should pay attention to enterprise’s signal and different services and subscriptions, specifically for the enterprise management will open more API interface, than the service of the function is more complete, audit certification and more strict, at the same time enjoy the rights of the more, the micro letter is designed to build enterprise application ecosystem. Whether enterprise or ISV and SI can be achieved by enterprises WeChat ID enterprise users WeChat application demand for office automation, can provide convenient for business users of mobile terminal enterprise OA support, store management, online meetings, E-mail, discussion groups, employee in enterprise mobile portal, internal management, customer management, customer consumption satisfaction survey and the employee’s service summary, and other functions, improve enterprise management level and efficiency of internal information communication, promote the overall development of the enterprise. Which is covered contents include not only OA, CRM, and ERP some mobile ability will be fulfilled in the enterprise WeChat ID. Tencent enterprise micro signal will give enterprise mobile market more space for imagination.

so why tencent WeChat ID publishing enterprises, to T brother bystander perspective analysis, you can judge for themselves:

1. Tencent micro signal to recent enterprises, dear reader, the enterprise micro signal with the increase in the previous subscription number and service number is different, is specifically for the enterprise open up channels, tencent do first is the first step to solve the problem of the entrance to the mobile office, namely open internal use micro letter. Thus can judge tencent power enterprises, micro letter press force into the enterprise market has become a fact.
2. Pressure WeChat itself, which I have mentioned in previous articles, WeChat user growth, and from the fourth quarter results show that WeChat user growth too much from the game, the game’s basic life cycle is two to three months, WeChat want to maintain a high quality of the user’s activity, it is necessary to improve the viscosity, and into the enterprise management is imperative.

3. Micro letter after the establishment of BG group, the mailbox, BQQ, address book income, combined with micro letter to pay, online meeting, micro letter is easy to put these abilities to make a big platform is open to companies and ISV, by their free combination forms the enterprise mobile application based on the requirements.
4. Someone asked me in the DMS, if open the tencent, what he make money? Tencent no enterprise implement ability, don’t understand, process management, and be assured that tencent will not do these things, but the enterprise publishes micro signal, first you have to get permission, certification fee is to pay, think about how many enterprises in China, just think how many companies will pay for this certification fee? In addition, the implementation and process of enterprise management is not tencent strengths, sales also is not tencent strengths, tencent will not do this market, tencent open platform micro letter, like to the enterprise provides a building block, as to spell out the mobile OA or mobile CRM or mobile field, completely with the needs of users, and tencent wouldn’t trouble because of the product can’t sell, because these are not his pipe.

5. Enterprises over the past year has been the practice, the more firmly the micro letter information involved in the enterprise market. Despite the current market hot O2O solution, WeChat for business this year demand not indifferent, isvs, OA vendor to blend with WeChat made binding, we EKP is realized with WeChat get through, tongda OA with WeChat reminder service integration implementation, alex move OA office system integration WeChat functions of examination and approval. CIO, some enterprise CIO, has taken the micro site grafted onto WeChat enterprise, as a company to the mobile terminal of the entrance. There are involved in logistics and supply chain retail industry manufacturers, will also own part of the mobile business to achieve the seamless grafting with WeChat.

6. In addition to the user or users, how to enhance the user viscosity, micro letter has been doing experiments these two years. Although there are many enterprise CIO said after WeChat support for the enterprise strength is not strong, cannot privatisation plan, information is not clear, open interfaces, but is such, WeChat or cooperate with some big players do try water, such as: China southern airlines check-in scheme, bank credit card or check, notification service, etc., are already through WeChat API interface, provide fast and efficient service system. Realized the combination of social media and enterprises, but also brings huge user viscosity, for these experiments WeChat not invisible. Just at the end of time. Once open more micro letter interface, micro letter is the entrance to an operating interface, solve the problem of privatization, because the data transfer and storage is not micro letter to complete.
7. ERP also in action, remember there is a surplus of noble company, can provide oracle management software bundling WeChat mobile application, has realized the management “of the” social media and enterprise applications, more is to achieve the user independent, also to other are mobile, the cloud user management provides a new train of thought of enterprise reference model.

8. Heavy back-end light front the trend of The Times, we all know, now the front UI design has become a burden, and the front end design life cycle is too short, a lot of front end design just haven’t put on the market is out of date, each app store the average life span of less than half a year, if the software developers to put too much energy and manpower in front, so often can do more harm than good, since users accustomed to the WeChat front mode of operation, isvs why don’t you lend chicken unripe egg? Front-end interface in WeChat realization was completely, and can enjoy WeChat related ability, data flow completely in enterprise management software, which can guarantee the public or private and clear, it is also a hybrid cloud model of mixing.

all in all, no matter you believe or not, micro letter for the enterprise market influence and impact are out there, once the tencent micro signal publishing enterprises, there will be a number of traditional management software vendors die, there will be some obsession with micro letter enterprise get rebirth, it will also create a group of energetic company, is the so-called water will not rot on, management software market for many years too bland, and time by changes to let the market to bloom.