The rise of the brand of Chris: from the old T1 mobile phone

in 1917, one of the founders of modern sociology, German Max weber facing scholars gathered in Munich and the legitimacy of the politics student expounds his theory.

he believes there are three kinds of authoritative source:


Charisma (Chris, Charisma)

reasonable legal and institutional

which is a very old concept, can be traced back to ancient Greek, ancient meaning of “the grace of god.” Along with the development of the semantic evolution of connotation of “charisma (as god) personality”, used to describe those who “can feel but beyond words” the charm of character features.

last night, sitting in the national conference center, hear applause wave including. A questions linger for a long time, how to locate, description on the fat man and what he did?

phone released yesterday he cow? Is good, have a bright spot. But can’t have his vaunted rare so cattle in heaven and earth.

the price of 3000 yuan expensive? Expensive, is not expensive. But more expensive than millet, Vivo, Oppo don’t sell for 3000 +, too? Design, is the need to cost, should not be with “no design is the design or the best + iPhone 5 c is equivalent to our design” than one meter.

however old really just sell mobile phone?

no. Smartisan OS and Smartisan T1. The biggest competitiveness and specific, is not the product itself, but in the old the person itself.

language with amazing tough new Oriental class teachers, bullog speech the big house in the river’s lake, standing on the stage in idealism cow force of crosstalk actors, “mein kampf” in this paper, the Siemens refrigerators that human rights defenders, swear to wield hammers revolutionary mobile phone industry early…

all glory to old one. A hammer is the moat of Chris.

no matter how old I is what person, is angel or devil, is genius or theritos, idealists or chicken thieves worm… He has himself from four glittering characters “idealism” tied together.

we can put the weber described three types of legitimacy of authority of the derivative in the field of science and technology. The legitimacy of the brand also has 3:

traditional status


good products

samsung’s success, it is the position of supply chain and marketing success. Apple’s success is the success of jobs’ personal Charisma + genius products. Mr. Luo?

my friend, staring at the conference high on the third floor of the entrance to the red curtains to see for a long time. Then say: Nazi aesthetics.

he is probably right.

Chris has its fanatical followers, also can have its fanatical opponents. Charis, good and evil, all is to guide the followers what to do. Go to achievement or destruction. Is a fool or scrutinising.

the core of fighting capacity and the ability to develop new believers, is the embodiment of the influence of Chris.

single praise, or look at criticism, already can’t understand this kind of phenomenon. Dispute itself is the subject of yeast fermentation, is its horn. Fan, praise, the onlookers, criticism, slander, laugh at common has given rise to this phenomenon.

turned back at the hall filled with 5000 people, the young faces of all. The young impulse, passionate, easy to be provoked. Although young people income is not high, but also consumer concerns. Young man, I believe idealism, would also like to flaunt the phenomenon of idealism to achievement.

so, Mr. Luo has succeeded.

word: this article didn’t hammer characteristics analysis and parameters, because you see in the news coverage. Because no other touch the real machine, there is nothing to say.

the article says the “young”. Listen to the speech, I found out that I can’t “young”. But there’s nothing wrong. I am old, it doesn’t matter. You are still young.