The samsung will be released next week’s first Android Wear smart watches

June 21 —

the technology site CNET quoted sources as saying that samsung plans to Google I/O developer conference next week’s first Android Wear equipment of the system. This will be a smart watches, similar to the samsung Gear series equipment released over the past year.

one source said, samsung are using independent and qualcomm processor chip development two Android Wear smart watches. It is not clear, samsung will have the Google I/O conference which version. Android is Google Wear according to smart watches and other wearable computing devices, the development of the operating system.

as the smartphone and tablet sales slowdown, at present a lot of companies will be wearable computing devices as new market opportunities. Data released in April, according to IDC, as of the end of this year, up to more than 19 million global shipments of wearable computing device. By 2018, wearable computing equipment shipments will reach 111.9 million. But it is still well below the smartphone shipments, which is 1.7 billion units.

samsung declined to comment on rumours of Android Wear equipment, but said in a statement, the company “is committed to innovation, and have been developing new products”.

according to the sources, LG and MOTOROLA will also be in Google I/O conference Android Wear equipment. This year’s Google I/O conference will be held in San Francisco on June 25, is expected to attract about 6000 people. According to sources, samsung is likely to be asked participants in Google I/O Android Wear smart watches.

the new smart watch shows that samsung’s support for Google. Samsung’s watch last year the Galaxy Gear running Android, but then the product gradually turned to the Tizen system independently. Samsung even released an update this month, will be the first generation of Gear to upgrade to Tizen system.

samsung executives in recent months, said for wearable computing devices, the Android system is very complex, result in power consumption is very fast. At present, the company is trying to wearable computing devices and automotive electronics field promotion Tizen, to replace the Android. Samsung said many times, just as a powerful hardware company cannot continue to drive revenue growth. And in order to further development, samsung need to reduce the reliance on Google.

however, an Android Wear equipment shows that samsung still has close ties with Google and Android. Samsung flagship Galaxy phones and tablets using Android, the samsung’s first Tizen phones by later this year will be launched, and will only to the Russian market. In 2013, according to IDC, the global 40% of the sales of the Android phones from samsung.

on the other hand, Google is to adjust the Android, make it suitable for wearable computing devices. In march, Google released its Android Wear, use Google Now technology to strengthen the original Android. Google said at the time, LG, asus, HTC, MOTOROLA and samsung will be Android Wear the original hardware partners, and Fossil Group will come out later in the year of Android Wear watches.

Google is facing pressure, need before apple smart watches leadership wearable computing equipment market. Apple is likely to be released this fall iWatch smart watches. (the more the high)

source: sina science and technology