The second investors talk about mobile medical treatment: the pattern first technology

oral: Li Wengang (central fund partner)

medical health industry entrepreneurs to make a mistake is: focus on product, did not think went up from business model to solve the problem.

now, for example, mobile medical treatment was very hot, there are a lot of APP, wearable devices on the market, but some entrepreneurs to focus on product development, only don’t want to good where is the product positioning. Product research and development, facing the user, the user who is it? Patients and doctors, 3 armour hospital doctor or community doctor, different user, different business models. After we have seen a lot of enterprise, the product out, business model “more seriously”, because haven’t set up a good business model.

a electrocardiogram (ecg) mobile phone manufacturer, for example. This equipment, I see ten nearby in the market. The company in the business model has experienced a lot. At first, they consider the product direct sales to patients, patients don’t understand the electrocardiogram (ecg), of course, companies just to please the doctor of the hospital. In so doing, the business has a problem, first of all, the doctor can’t help patients see 24 hours; Second, who bear the responsibility when out of the question, a doctor or a business? Due to the new products as early as had done the promotion in the hospital, hospital of such behavior is inconsistent, so for the first time to sell to the patient’s business model has failed. Later, considering self-built service centers and help patients electrocardiogram (ecg), another new problem encountered: the electrocardiogram (ecg) this behavior to provide medical services, so enterprises have medical service qualification? This pattern again meet the policy barriers. Later, enterprise to adjust mode, build the service center in hospitals, to solve the problem of qualification. Requires that the hospital can accept you at this moment, would you like to build with your service center. Groped after several times, the enterprise finally find relatively suitable business model, hospital to accept the products and services, to recommend products to patients, and is not recommended for patients with directly by the manufacturer.

so mobile medical entrepreneurs must not ignore the business model problem. I often hear people say how good his technology, technology it is the second step. the first step is to set up the business model, then what is the difference between you and the competition of technology.

in the case of a focus on business model, when we invest in mobile medical enterprise, will pay more attention to the team’s overall ability. If only a scientist, have a good technology, then business is flawed. Mobile health is crossover, is to put the IT technology, medical treatment, such as large data together, need to have a team. Investment products are important, but it is not the only decision factors. Not only have the product, product landing ability. So as a founder, want to consider the matter of technology, not only can more to consider how to set up a “mobile thinking to break the hospital team of the fence.

revenue model, at present, mobile medical treatment mainly has 2 b, 2 c. 2 b is relatively easier to do business, hospital rich, also attaches great importance to the informatization and using new technology to enhance the management level of hospital and medical efficiency. 2 c business is still in groping, few successful cases. The fundamental problem lies in model, technology is secondary. Medical health industry is a relatively conservative industry, it is difficult to immediately appear a disruptive technology, even with will promote the process of new technology. So on the basis of existing technology, how to get the user requirements, set up a good business model, there are a lot of opportunities.

another big difficult problem in mobile medical business is the information island, who belong to the ownership of the EMR (electronic medical records) data? The hospital is not open to the public, no patient himself. Many enterprises only, myself to do a set of records, but these data record, how to use, can help clinicians make decisions that are not clear. This requires enterprise when doing product development, with the demand of the doctor. Don’t dig a doctor needs, sell the products directly to the patients usually is the result of the patients do not understand, clinical denies. Don’t focus on the doctor’s demand, mobile medical wouldn’t have succeeded. Like health don’t pay attention to clinical doctors, also won’t succeed, move the erection of the mode of medical, clinical doctors demand is one of the most important pathways.

(author’s brief introduction: Li Wengang, founding partner of central funds. Our portfolio: suzhou green medical system co., LTD., hangzhou Noel kang nerve electronic technology co., LTD.)


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