The startup using Google glasses to launch “wearable medical record”

in order to meet the doctor on the Google glasses growing demand, the startup Drchrono has for this equipment has developed a new application, registration under Drchrono doctor when the patient, use it to record outpatient or surgical procedure. Related video, photos and instructions are stored in the patient’s electronic medical records, or cloud computing services in the Box, but also can share upon request of the patient.

but San Francisco podiatrist Bill, Texas (Bill j. Metaxas) warning, preventive measures shall be prepared before using Google glasses have to be patient’s permission, and sufficient security to do preparation. But he also said that Google glasses and the safety of the tablet, which has been widely used in clinical.

marta Texas ever used Google glasses in surgery and outpatient service, 99% of his patients have agreed to the use of this equipment, but the technology is still in the early stage of development, has not adopted by many of his peers.

but the Box, a spokesman for Google Health electronic medical records service team members meters west ยท klaas (levels Krasner) said that according to her understanding, at least 20 venture-backed startups in catering to the needs, and most used comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

in order to develop the service, Drchrono team with Box and Google glasses for close cooperation.

Google glasses initially targeted only ordinary consumer market, but too geeky appearance was criticized. But many industry professionals, saw a value from the device. Google glasses team held a meeting in San Francisco last month and called the hospital and medical technology companies to discuss the application prospect of wearable devices.

“in the search for the use of Google glasses is the most feasible solution, Google is still in the early stage of development.” Drchrono co-founder Daniel gw perez (Daniel Kivatinos) said, “but some doctors need to Google glasses, so Google provides some resources to support developers.”

Drchrono billed as the service has attracted 60000 registered doctors use electronic health records, there are more than 300 doctors have begun to use this app. The application is provided free of charge to users, but the company is likely to charge this short-term.

Google has yet to comment.

source: sina science and technology