The story behind the nerve cat: incubator under super “egg”

by nerve cat refresh, could not help but tease demo, always be nervous cat run away. Final effort itself is one of the few step 49 games cells. See defeat in the number of national, or silently to play a game. Indeed, until the writing is not a successful surround the cat, it ran away.

a good base of a cat, base to the lovely, bottom a twist twist, could not help but want to catch it. This little game suddenly in the circle of friends channeling, attract the attention of many people, including the media, the last is the face of personalized image expression, this is a simple swim little game interesting mobile page.

popular style can predict, popular phenomenon is unpredictable, said much of the analysis are second-guessing . By the media report data: the game by nanjing a fine arts and a program developed in 1.5 days. Game at 2 PM on July 22nd, then if can see, the game in micro letter friends quickly detonated, game visits to one hundred million within three days.

data should not be the focus of the media excessive mining, instead, the company behind the cloud hunting editor would like to know the interest.

surround nerve cat developed by nanjing mud blame company internal team members a WeChat small game, jiangsu silicon land information technology co., LTD is the parent company, in the domestic digital integration service, operating with families in Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou branch.

the mud of nanjing company, positioning is the domestic children’s interactive entertainment website , operating page is a children’s swimming products “mocha knight”. And mud blame SmartRabbit network game software framework is also applied for a patent in the center of the national level of copyright.

discovered by cloud network editor for hunting, land information technology co., LTD., jiangsu silicon operation strategy is very novel, chain operations to hatch mechanism, maximum limit for in-service innovation team in the company/business opportunities . At present, the company owned by a hatch of products include: parenting website ( for domestic mother-to-child vertical portals, has 19 million registered users (currently “surround nerve cat” community is a parenting website promotion mother mobile products). Jim’s works (Jim ‘s Lab) : for 3 to 12 years old children’s early education institutions, the existing 15 education center. Mud blame game platforms: independent research and development of children games, including mocha knight has operations in mud blame game platform and tencent space 1 anniversary of the 2013 new games 5664 wan transport platform, operation half year, registered users, 500 w.

encourage internal entrepreneurship, relaxed atmosphere, staff can also play to want to do. May surround nerve cat this accidentally fire up products can better illustrate the correctness of the model .

but also as the media said, game from Japan in 2007 a game called “black cat”, the product image comes from the Japanese cartoon is full of cats. The future is a big leap on the copyright, the team is currently in active communication, but there is no denying that , innovation and timing does strike together, have a tuyere .

in addition to the game, the game engine behind the Egret (Egret) also follow up, fire performance and efficient, simple and easy to use is the engine of technology advantage. Is the biggest advantage of a development can be deployed in Android, IOS, and WP native platform or Html version, at the same time, it can directly convert Flash web games into mobile games.

in the circle of friends do game players on the market at present, there are the several classes, one is like this, the author don’t know if you could fire up the pick up of hand travel. There is a similar games center, built-in relaxed and fun game for players to play more, aggregation flow to convert to other games, representatives for bubble net. But the games are not badly clogged, such as wild guess figure, wild guess song, etc. “Friends” game economy, in addition to simple and easy-to-use game, whether the future fine circle of friends mobile game game also can fire up? Everything is unknown, but the surrounding nerve cat is in the open a small draught.

small make up also don’t forget to arrange finally,

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