The strategy of “popcorn” behind the millet bracelet

the author: Yu Xinlie

on Tuesday at the close of the annual conference of millet lei jun just released the millet bracelet. Be released with millet hand ring, and the intelligence of millet hardware iec strategy. But restore mind, anxious to experience millet, millet, 4 bracelets, and to receive gifts, this strategy did not cause much attention.

conference lei jun publicly disclosed, millet bracelet is not up research and development of millet, but by millet investment m complete hardware team China. This is the so-called millet intelligent hardware chain mode.

millet its resources still focus on the core product and technology such as mobile phones. Millet will try to keep the millet mobile phone in people’s life, more and more important role, for example of smart home controller, mobile Internet core of the smart car.

lei jun will segment according to the strategy of millet hardware layout, to keep the growth and competitiveness of the core business.

before the millet bracelet, lei jun has headphones with millet and millet mobile power supply this two traditional hardware products, try the investment team, product line layout filling model, and obtained the preliminary success.

from millet bracelet, millet will copy the validated model rapidly, large-scale, as soon as possible to enter more market, such as smart home. Millet will soon enter the explosive growth, it will also to believe that fast break not only lei jun, bring great challenge.

to be millet intelligent hardware part of a chain, a third-party hardware products seem to have these characteristics:

1; Its market segment have considerable scale;
2; With smart phones produce synergistic effect, and constantly to ensure the core status of millet mobile phone;
3; Through the patterns of integrating hardware and software, Internet services to preempt or upset the market;

filling the start-up team, technologies and products; Millet can bring them money, supply chain and sales channels (traffic).

has been set up four years of millet, is make full use of the four years of accumulated resources, capital, capital, production Knewhow and flow to maintain high-speed growth of the company.

according to lei jun in the conference, millet was established, the internal hardware investment funds. And lei jun preparation suitable for the foundation with GGV capital, morningside venture investment focus on intelligent hardware chain.

according to this mode of the development of millet, has the potential to be a valuation of the scale of the company. It has to do, is to put the top companies in the various market segments valuations, attached to the millet company instead.

this intelligent hardware for China in the field of entrepreneurship, will have a significant impact. Hardware entrepreneurs also need not pessimistic, but if you want to know your pattern. To know millet in the hardware market in competition with many traditional enterprise size is quite big. And the BAT + 360 is flexing its muscles. This will be a field. To live is the most important. (by: to know the new idea KnewOne)