The truth behind the small ice “resurrection” : tencent eroded Microsoft cake

small ice is tencent, raised.

after the tencent block unpleasant experiences, “the” little ice given by Microsoft virtual female image of intelligent chat robot high-profile announced that the “resurrection”. Of the personage inside course of study in and hunting cloud network communication: there is a consensus in the Microsoft has for many years without a domestic product like small ice is so attention, Microsoft is very rare for so much enthusiasm in a product.

we see behind such representation is a positive Microsoft. And on the other side, Microsoft for tencent’s displeasure more fleshed out.

“hello, my name is small ice, Microsoft is strongest in the history of the chat robot of artificial intelligence. I love show MOE, cleverness, love make penguins village. And I talk, the more I smart. Oh ~ have a lot of exclusive secrets, waiting for you to explore what ~ “

“make penguins village” introduction to language vocabulary is set into small ice is clearly Microsoft is discontent for tencent banned behavior performance, as pointed out in the hunting cloud network previously reported, tencent and Microsoft, rule out two giant originally, but because of a smart bot issue next, is rare. Behind the big fight, what involves to the huge benefits?

tencent official said there was little ice marketing behavior violated WeChat develop discipline, Microsoft’s response is tencent’s closed and brutal.

a industry executives told hunting cloud network, between the parties relating to the surrounding small ice infighting looks very lively, but really rough is underground currents, which determine the both is and is the course of the war. The undercurrent of executive mentioned are: tencent is heavily into the enterprise software market.

is not only the executives say the idea of tencent in the enterprise software market, the industry also have long talk.


the personage inside course of study person T” describes the future prospects of tencent: tencent for businesses and software developers to publish and service, subscription, completely different enterprise WeChat ID, designed for enterprise management service will open more API interface, than the service of the function is more complete, audit certification and more strict, at the same time enjoy the rights of more, WeChat aims to build enterprise application ecosystem. Whether enterprise or ISV and SI can be achieved by enterprises WeChat ID enterprise users WeChat application demand for office automation, can provide convenient for business users of mobile terminal enterprise OA support, store management, online meetings, E-mail, discussion groups, employee in enterprise mobile portal, internal management, customer management, customer consumption satisfaction survey and the employee’s service summary, and other functions, improve enterprise management level and efficiency of internal information communication, promote the overall development of the enterprise. Which is covered contents include not only OA, CRM, and ERP some mobile ability will be fulfilled in the enterprise WeChat ID.

one sentence summary, tencent going into the mobile office software market.

tencent not only stay in the imagination, tencent has been exploring the past year:

micro letter for business this year demand not indifferent, isvs, with micro letter made OA vendor binding fusion, we EKP is realized with micro letter get through, tongda OA with micro letter reminder service integration implementation, alex move OA office system is combined with micro letter function of examination and approval. CIO, some enterprise CIO, has taken the micro site grafted onto WeChat enterprise, as a company to the mobile terminal of the entrance. There are involved in logistics and supply chain retail industry manufacturers, will also own part of the mobile business to achieve the seamless grafting with WeChat.

the industry consensus is that Microsoft office software market enterprises has been the absolute dominance, control the huge cake, WeChat popped up can say Microsoft China off-guard. You know, tencent is currently in the enterprise market, also only two products and corporate marketing QQ QQ is known to the outside world.

is foreseeable, tencent enterprise WeChat ID release will completely change the mobile office software market, in addition to a large number of traditional management software to be affected will be decimated, will be affected by the threat of Microsoft China. Although it is unclear whether tencent industry brought about by the earthquake exactly have a few, but the environment is the bad weather, the power of micro letter seems like a very scary.

tencent’s eating into art began to Microsoft, both sides can understand the gun off accidentally. And tencent is not to allow small ice “parasitic” suck users on micro letter, to interfere with their own established strategy.

small ice raised the motivation behind this is that Microsoft has accelerated the pace in the mobile Internet.