The turbulent Twitter

Twitter of a tradition of turmoil, even the CEO change many times. Jack Dorsey, Christopher “Biz Stone and Evan Williams three founder and CEO Mr Castro multiple cooperation, trust, infighting between man and betrayal story has been for the debate about the industry and the media. On Thursday, the chief operating officer of her leaving the drama to add a new play, both inside and outside the industry questioned and new user growth pressure, Twitter “well” again to present it in the tradition of fierce fighting, personnel turmoil.


over the years, Twitter consistent vision is to hit the planet each user. The same over the years, Twitter hasn’t been able to well implement this vision.

this is Twitter COO before Ali Rowghani resigned on Thursday morning. He gets his life is the man responsible for solve the problem of Twitter growth is slow, finally the mission to overwhelm him.

of course, the reason is not this one. In the past few months I’ve heard all sorts of rumors about the internal struggle. Rowghani is divided his company, is divided into two groups: the internal support him, and support other CEO Mr Castro, want to be in between the fence is difficult. Insiders early to sell the stock caused by storm and doubts from the board of directors shaken Rowghani in the internal power, also became his departure.

Rowghani departure is not the end of the Twitter unrest, but a start of internal organization change.

several people familiar with the matter, Twitter media team will face a change, the employees will turn to the performance report, head of marketing and communication part of the work.

this change the head of the media section of the vice President (VP) Chloe Sladden pushed the embarrassing position, after he led the department to executive vice President of marketing and communication department reports to Gabriel Stricker. As is known to all, Chloe Sladden is a former chief operating officer Rowghani loyal Allies, and, according to various news Stricker is chief executive of castro’s comrades-in-arms. Sladden go from here?

Update: not long ago, has been the internal message, after Rowghani COO, Sladden leave Twitter will also be announced today.

Twitter media department was the glory of the company, it is often seen as Twitter toward the correct path leading department. Now the independent sector is falling apart. These days, user whatever watch television in the United States, often see hot content with Twitter logo and label, this also is the media sector, aimed at through cooperation and television attract new users use Twitter.

Twitter media to attract new users, but the problem is hidden here, they don’t know how to retain users continue to use Twitter. As media previously observed phenomenon, the majority of new Twitter users can’t blend in this platform, also lost the continuous use of power.

of course, this is not a new problem. Rowghani Twitter constantly struggle with under the leadership of the “product” and “user growth” contradictions in the circle, hope to reduce customer churn rate, but in vain.

Twitter to make this adjustment, is about hope in the market and under the leadership of the ministry of communication, Twitter media department can let users to more easily understand and get started on Twitter.

Twitter activity is one of such moves, Twitter is trying to use the World Cup related to new users “education”. First registered Twitter, new users will be asked is interested in the World Cup, if you are interested, Twitter will allow you to pick your favorite team, and accordingly to you recommend a group of related famous athletes for you to follow a key.

in essence, this is the hand and teach new users how to play Twitter. I saw such a logout after Twitter page popular figure (not all users will see this picture, Twitter will be different according to different users welcome page) :

this is Twitter to try for a long time, like the CEO Mr Castro said at a conference in results analysis: Twitter is to raise the level of dealing with significant events, such as Oscar, the super bowl and so on, through real-time information to present these important activities better. Twitter in the past by large public activity to try to increase the strategy of new users actually didn’t work.

this is also the cause of the upheaval. Many media department in the middle of executive management with the department to heat up, increasing personnel conflict. Many people told me, the department will also have more personnel changes… Especially the media of TV and music department.

in addition, in addition to the media department, other departments also have change. Twitter’s development department (Biz Dev) to the global revenue, that is, the sales department leadership Adam Bain report. Twitter’s AD sales during the past two years, made remarkable achievements.

from the current to be able to understand, Twitter the thinking of the internal personnel adjustment is to make the department report to the industry a good part of poor performance. Let the past to make a good performance to lead the department department performance is poor, even if there are big differences between them.

Twitter once tried this way.

let’s not good for shareholders, single theory to Twitter itself is good, hope this time they really can put the right people in right position…

at the end of the text’s discourse:

this article translation of fine writing community, the author Mike Isaac is the senior technology journalist, formerly AllThingsD and Re/Code for many years. He bearing have left now, but not natural labor holiday life, could not help one’s fingers itch wrote the report on the Medium (open so you can see writing not as formal as news reports).

as the period of the first say, Twitter had have a tradition of unrest. “4 years, 3 ceos, Twitter is like to people to a steering wheel, on the information superhighway rush to the car. Line up to send the money investors filled with the door, door power struggle of the smoke is not moment calm.” Their story has been bilton written into a book called “hatch Twitter” bestseller, with the founders lionsgate are emotion imbroglio her power to make a film for the theme of the show… In reality, of Twitter’s story continues.