The value of zhou to young people: repeat in where?

the author: Zhou Hongyi

I remember in the early eighty s a college entrance examination composition is a figure, figure one to dig Wells for water, a lot of pit in the ground to shades, in some places is going to dig into the water, but because he tasted, at any point truly lasting do not break down, as a result, he could not find any water.

until now this figure has left a deep impression on me, because as the growth of the life experience, I get to know such a truth: no great things are composed of very trivial, dribs and drabs. To make things a, we should form enough pressure in one place, we do not lack planning, not idea, need is constantly to do a thing very deeply.

what is persistence? Say simply is repeated. There is a book called “heterogeneous”, I didn’t read the advice to buy a book to see. The book puts forward the “law of ten thousand hours”, he analyzed the many famous successful people, found both Bill Gates, or play golf, Tiger Woods, want to become a master of the master, become the outstanding experts in certain areas, ten thousand hours is the most basic input.

Zhou Hongyi to young people: repeat value in where?

I found the program and so on. How to become a qualified programmer, also want to write a 100000 to more than 150000 lines of code. If you even did not reach the magnitude of the code, you can’t write programs. Thousands of lines of code you write in school curriculum design, graduation design ten thousand lines of code, this is nothing.

not to mention the athletes. Learn tae kwon do, or playing tennis, there are many actions need to repeat, repeat every day may be hundreds or thousands of times. Some young colleagues complained that the repeated work, boring and dull. Personally, I think there is no need for any if you think this duplication, is a simple repetition, then you should think of some way to optimize it.

at the beginning of a lot of computer software design is now in order to solve the problem of repeated labor. But if this repetition is necessary, like play must be repeated to find the intuition, for example, that you will think about it, how to use your brain, on the basis of the need to repeat, the formation of the accumulation of valuable, to lay the foundation for your future. Martial arts the book says demonstrated great chivalry sink, fierce a boxing, potential low, very much. But if you haven’t good practice “ma bu” or horse stance just look solid, light down these formula useful? Or not. New insight, found that are repeated.

a story circulated on weibo, said LiaoShen campaign in 1948, Lin biao are required to report the daily military intelligence, in the middle of the night every day are repeating a pile of boring data: how much each unit body count how many, captive, captured guns, how much the number of vehicles, guns, material, and the statistics, machine guns, pike, spear, destruction and the seizure of car, still can use also want to tell the size and category.

this job is very tedious, very tiring, don’t see any value. However, in October 1948, Lin biao found captured ChangDuanQiang ratio, large proportion of the car, the proportion of officers and soldiers of slightly abnormal, judging from Numbers of subtle change in his command post in the vicinity to army commander Liao Yaoxiang abroad.

I also on weibo recommend before an article called “my assistant quit”, believe that many of you have seen. It is an assistant to help general manager stick paper. In most people’s opinion, the job is tedious, repetitive, and makes no sense.

but the assistant built a form, the amount of data in accordance with the time, all the expenses, the consumer place such as recorded. Over time, she found out the law behind such business activities, general manager of no account to work also can deal with it very well. In fact, her attitude to repeat and developed on the basis of this method, to make her work is no longer limited to the stick paper assistant work, she actually expand her career.

we have a saying in China: hard work is a good motto. In “regular” attitude to repeat and repeat. My early business, also done a lot of repetition, sometimes tired, back, and want to back down. When I was younger I would want us to develop agent, for example, a day to run two or three cities, tell each customer repeat agency policy, why want to do agent, finally tired almost want to collapse, words all don’t say it.

I don’t want to do, but when I read a book, is China’s richest man, Mr Zong is marketing. There is a book, just wrote he took pains to visit thousands of dealers across the country and agents, to say something repeated again and again, again and again touched each dealers and agents. After you have read I, what also don’t say, and then to run to the next city.

I am a sit still, but when I was in the programming, more than anyone else could sit still. Others might make up two or three hours will have to go through drafty, smoking cigarette. But I sat there, in addition to eat a meal drink some water, ten hours can move. When programming, if someone beside to play games, watch movies, always can’t help but sneak a look at others.

but I can make it completely ignored. A lot of things to do this, if you insist on down, you can do it. Many people only see somebody else’s successful side, but I did not see him to the accumulation of success. A seven buns metaphor is very appropriate, finally after you ate the seventh steamed bread to eat. People begin to study, you eat what is the seventh of steamed bread flour made of? Why eat the steamed bread is full? They didn’t see in front of you also eat six steamed bread, the six steamed bread is what I mentioned before the accumulation of “ten thousand hours”.

classic of this management are referred to as the “from good to great”, a very interesting book. Companies are like a giant flywheel, particularly heavy. Each of us to push, the two times, the flywheel did not move. But they insist, bite a tooth not to give up. Suddenly one day, the energy accumulated to a certain number, the flywheel is moving slowly.

once in motion, the flywheel has potential energy, then they push again, it will go faster and faster. You don’t feel like doing every day is very boring, a day also have countless trivial matter, I also want to have a long meeting, often want to talk to many people, every day to have spoken to repeat over and over again.

don’t be afraid to repeat, I like you, are 360 driving wheels.


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