The version of Office release updated and increase printing function

‘s Office launched a month later, follow the upgrade for the first time meet to print function, currently supported AirPrinter printing function, Excel, and PowerPoint, Word and other embedded applications are updated print options. Of course, this isn’t a PC version and print options slightly less, also does not support the print preview. According to Microsoft information, print function is the early version of the calls for the highest Office users.

by embedding printing function of opportunities, Microsoft has done the following update:

add SmartGuides function in PowerPoint, help users to form, arrangement of the diagram.

at the same time, the application of Excel also added AutoFit function, easy to adjust line width – PC version Office2013 also has the function.

you can see, Microsoft just step step in perfecting the version of the function of the Office, and fix the bugs in the update and improve the stability.

this version 1.0.1 ‘s Office has downloadable use/update.