The well-known angel Mr. CAI in fooling vortices

this paper contribute hunting bin cloud network readers

on Friday night, a message blew up to the Internet, a net for tombkeeper net friend sent this article for friend’s weibo grievances, in less than 12 hours of the time, caused more than 5000 forwarding, although there was no mention of content “boss” and the name of the “friend”, but universal netizens still the results point out that the known angels Mr. CAI and webmaster circle prominent caoz (Cao Zheng).

verbal commitment than black and white

at that time, many users know the matter, code of farmers and the Internet ‘to bear loneliness, in succession to Mr. CAI microblog “watch”, the majority of netizens think pit a friend is a very immoral thing, and the pit or code farmer friend, but there are a few people think that Mr. CAI do not low but from a business perspective, can withhold off into a bag.

around the background of the case company is currently the most popular page 4399439 and now is the number one platform, tencent’s second game, the first search volume is nearly four times a second. A financial circles of netizens said 4399 market valuations exceeds 4 billion. Acquainted with caoz friend said, if there is no caoz, 4399 impossible today this level. As for both the focus of the debate – shares, bianews said in a story published “caoz shares from 1.5% before the promise (or sign) is a seven over ten thousand, at present this rumor has not yet been confirmed.” I learned from another channel, caoz at that time to talk to Mr. CAI, caoz to 3%, after Mr. CAI bargain to 1.5%. But step back ten thousand, 1.5% of the shares that is at least 60 million, look, enough for 60 tesla. Caoz code as a farmer, how many lines of code to code!

, cloud network hunting note: the personage inside course of study are published, support Cao Zheng in succession. Famous people in the Internet @ Fenng: is very angry. For the friend Ming gravamen. Executives @ 360 native Tan Xiaosheng: sigh! Not speak faith boss is the triad master of the Internet in China, the pit is I admire the industry elite, the brothers is too good, if it’s me, will make them pay the price! Domain name people @ Kong Dejing: I can only say that I hope don’t have more entrepreneurs cheated, sometimes angel may also be a devil! Cardiac network CEO @ huang meng: support the facts speak, caution to entrepreneurs. DNSPOD founder @ brassiere: at the end of the day, a businessman, with a few money domain, also to dozens of percentage shares, return true people rise to the bait. When a let me together with the friend in the past, I when the CTO, later because owe the another friend didn’t go. Happiness misfortune. If in the past, DNSPod is likely to be tens of sell a thing. )

there is a source also provide me with a message (river according to the old CAI 2 million repurchase shares caoz story), as early as 2011, Mr. CAI and caoz talked once, caoz mean all out of the 4399, Mr. CAI said you stake or a lot of, can’t come up with so much cash, so caoz compromise, Mr. CAI gave him 2 million.

in fact, to do technical background is compared commonly simple, strive for breakthrough, also feel its value through technological breakthroughs to achieve. And the boss, will teach people, with equity, options for employee commitment, appear larger. Is actually part of the boss can’t pay, so with good equity, options. Money so pure, don’t talk about, there is only a code when farmers to the meeting. Wrote a lot of things even if black and white is not necessarily effective, given the cheque is mouth says.

you don’t know Mr. CAI

for Mr. CAI, also must be a sleepless night on Friday night, once again made overnight, but it’s very strange things, the original tweeting be deleted the next day, then starting news bianews also became a 404 page. Mr. CAI has netizen weibo, would rather spend tens of millions of public relations, is not willing to give to struggle for your subordinates.

a call Calvin heretics said the @ @ Mr. CAI caoz and line and carefully Do things too not authentic, heard that the business domain, a cow give ya developed automation, finally will give people 3000, lane of Daniel, format the server, all the registered changed password, ya had to do something else.

there is a big deal, is that corals, after rumors said that police had detained in coral case when carried 265 server and briefly detained Mr. CAI himself, even though Mr. CAI I tried to deny the fact that the authors corals, but in the court of the corals an soff and their lawyers to “soff since 2003 after the illegal copying QQ software modification distribution, transmission, is almost for every legitimate QQ software modified release. Between 2006 and 2007 alone, illegal modification and released 5 version of the QQ software. Chen shou welfare in of anthozoan QQ software version issued in the name of the bundle commercials, kilter infinite from Beijing science and technology co., LTD for 15 pen advertisement cost a total of 1.05 million yuan. In the famous network plug-in advertising middlemen 265 network technology company representatives help illegal profit of 122822 yuan. Police also seized soff rotating server hard disk “confessed in 265.

smart infinite and 265 are Mr. CAI investment company, CAI in the case of knowing of anthozoan QQ tort provides a variety of possible convenient conditions and financial support, to help it continue to illegal behavior, why he did not stand in the dock? Although we do not know why what secrets hidden, but there is one fact is clear: Mr. CAI is “get” out, and soff did not. As to what was behind the scenes, we these prick silk.

look at 4399 now, actual holdings are LuoHaiJian (was the younger brother of Mr. CAI). Mr. CAI took $4399 in shares and and LuoHaiJian replacement shares elsewhere (such as forgame etc place), so now, Mr. CAI has no stake in 4399. Forgame listed at the end of last year, the market has more than 6 billion, so now LuoHaiJian also regret, feel is also a victim, by Mr. CAI to the pit. Another theory is that Mr. CAI know 4399 listed hopeless, and encouraged the LuoHaiJian flange, swindle LuoHaiJian hand more valuable forgame group shares, 2013 forgame group successfully listed at the end, Mr. CAI wishful thinking and a success. Well, Mr. CAI don’t even let your little brother, what are pit. Xue is the famous angel investors, a barbarian, one is Mr. CAI, both men fell down, after we can believe in angels?

caoz this story tells us: in the commercial business, technical personnel need to commercial alert, compared with the pure commercial prick, we too tender. Believe all over the country there are a lot of this version of the story, bread, and found out the last cake have gone to the water, perhaps this is businessman, this is human nature, in the process may be the boss is not entirely false, and the innocent are painted flowers. In the employment relationship, good to talk about money, bad people talk about the ideal. Their fates warning, and line and treasure.