The Wolf is coming! Apple is “seriously considering” mobile payment business

although news about apple independently make mobile payment system is more and more “popular” over the past two years, but we always “see the thunder, no rain. Recently, the Recode said, citing sources inside the apple is “very serious” planning mobile payment business. In any case, apple launched its own mobile payment system, all seem to have is certain. Moreover, apple will speed up over a period of time in the future the process of the incident.

let’s take a look at the recent “gossip” about apple mobile payment business:

the first Square, or will be looking to sell, founder jack dorsey, think oneself “aura” and more accord with apples, prefer to apple olive branch;

second, apple is secret recruiting senior electronic payment industry.

since this year, apple mobile payment business signs of more obvious. After the results of the meeting, the cook had explicitly pointed out: “apple provides users with Touch ID such as safer, more convenient payment way. Obviously, it was a very imaginative space. Among them, the mobile payment service is a natural choice, but at present we have only that.”

if apple really going into mobile payment industry, for Square and other start-ups (of course also include the old payment providers such as PayPal), I really don’t is not a crisis. Amazon over the years there has been no payment system, Google wallet and NFC technology is also “cheered don’t hit” for a long time. Mobile payment industry also showed no hope unified payment of hardware and software giant.

apple’s arrival time in the field of mobile payments are more mature now. On the one hand, through iTunes accumulated a large number of users such as credit card accounts, on the other hand, the iPhone hardware such as a wide range of market share to a certain extent, also is advantageous to the offline promotion. What’s more, the apple with the iOS 7 launch iBeacon technology, is the core of “taking” O2O industry. If combined with full payment system, is a luxury.

the news said that PayPal is actively collaborating with apple demand, hope can help them to build apple mobile payment services. So far, apple declined to comment and PayPal said.