The world’s first “launch braille cell phone”

a london-based startup OwnFone, recently launched the “world’s first launch of the braille cell phone”. This colorful equipment no screen, positive just full of braille button. The Braille phone buttons window is only one: is the 3 d printing, can be customized.

this is not the world’s first braille cell phones, also is not the first to use 3 d printing technology in the production of mobile phones. Just, Braille phone more than the two elements in the fusion, and launch the device.

Braille phone pricing for 60 pounds, currently only in the UK. The adoption of 3 d technology keys on mobile phones is printed, thus it can be customized production according to the needs of different users. In addition, users can set of keys, turning it into get in touch with relatives or friends of shortcuts.

for users with visual impairment to build communication equipment, is a very good thing. We also see OwnFone companies, such as 3 d printing technology are adopted to decrease the cost of good intention. But no matter or from the function can be called from the operation is “well had a perfect thing”.

to blind people with disabilities, such as mobile intelligent device should simplify the operation of the user to a great extent. Braille cell phone from a certain extent, let the education of the blind, to be able to use their familiar and reliable way to communicate. But the function of the device is also limited. The blind man didn’t need video viewing, but doesn’t mean they don’t want to have a feature-rich mobile phones. Perhaps this desire depended on the future implementation of voice recognition and action tracking sensing technology further development. Let the blind and people with disabilities, the use of voice, action (or even eye) can achieve a variety of interactions, using the application of as much as possible. Because only such equipment, is really the heart of the blind friends go to. For now, the prospect of within reach.

PS: of course maybe braille mobile phones is not equal to the blind, braille cell phone seems to be some other indirect use.