There is a team collaboration tool called Worktile

millet was take off pants, cool wind blowing balls. The c-terminal, fortunately, this is for the public’s right to know can be way down, if the product is for B side, this happened, even blood mildew.

today to introduce the product is a B team oriented product Worktile . Based on the recent hot spots, I also asked the most concern of the first, security, worktile what preventive measures. Should not be in such a hurry, or to introduce this product.

a breath finished watching their team blog, like to look ahead, after from this can comb their growth process. As well as the source of many products, is the founder of with other products are not satisfied, so choose your own development. founder and CEO wang tao in the Microsoft developers circles is a well-known figures, used to be three consecutive session of Microsoft MVP award winner, is also a technical book author of you must know that Team culture belongs to the engineers, technology atmosphere is quite strong.

but to their products, one of the ideal products and design thinking also has a strong feature in the product. Around a small and beautiful product concept, tailored specifically for small and medium-sized team collaborative product, eliminating unnecessary burden. Nothing more than a final purpose, allow team members to collaborative office and seamless communication .

and other enterprise collaborative product concept, big companies to pursue management, control, and social. But in the eyes of wang tao, they seek is simple, efficient, agile. And in his view, the social is a false dichotomy. All enterprise collaborative product are serving efficiency of , social just provide a tool for communication, should not enlarge this meaning.

how to locate a product is a good product, can need not manual can fit the product is a good product, good products will speak for themselves, one will understand. use simple to complex, is always the most flattering way . Worktile also appears to have their products have a lot of information, in the blog, he said, there are two kinds of people in the world, one kind is like Worktile, another is the person who is like Worktile.

to return to the above problem: security. Worktile as a small team of online collaborative product, security problem seems more important. Tao wang, also said many of the team and their communication when most mentioned or security problems, so they start in the security to do a lot of work on this. For data security problem is mainly in the three aspects: data loss risk, data to be snooping on risk and how to ensure the safety of the account.

security issues for the above three aspects, Worktile solution, first using Worktile team itself will pay attention to this aspect of the matter at the beginning, when registered password try to set the complex, team change the password on a regular basis. At the same time, the Worktile side in this aspect to develop the function of “two validation”. Is the user login Worktile not only need to enter the account password, at the same time also need to use a mobile phone to generate dynamic authentication code. More on safety barrier.

in terms of mobile terminal, Worktile has launched the iphone and Android version, make it possible for office demand more and more anytime and anywhere. Safety they also is prepared, the if the phone is missing, the user can log in the web side, in the background operation to remove phone binding authorization, to avoid others see the login information after lose their mobile phone.

overall this market, the domestic do this direction have Tower, teambition, abroad have Trello, asana, basecamp. but there is no denying that the domestic environment is not enough mature, each product has different , who is the key to the future users can get the TMT industry, the market of education cost is very high . Worktile operations director ming-ze ma also said that their products are mature, more focused on channel resources.

Based information

company: Beijing yi into the star technology co., LTD.



time: July 2013

location: Beijing, chaoyang district

stages: initial

area: collaborative office, mobile office

abstract: Worktile workbench (formerly governor) is a new team of online collaborative tools, support for multiple platforms, the cloud data, team task management, project tracking, notify the calendar, discussion, etc.

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