There is only one function, can only send the application of a word, “cheat” to $1 million in financing

recently, foreign appeared a called “yukio okamoto,” mobile IM applications. The function of this app is only one: the user to another user to send “yukio okamoto, the term” (yukio okamoto, in English on behalf of the meaning of “the elder brothers, dude”, generally does not use formal occasions). Interestingly, this is a application of some people to become “junk”, was favored by investors, and received $1 million in financing.

it is said that the developer Or Arbel in just eight hours to complete the development of this app. Originally submitted to the App Store, apple once citing “has not yet developed, refused to yukio okamoto, shelves.

what’s interesting is that in this year’s April fool’s day, yukio okamoto, will eventually land on the apple’s app store, and made a surprising achievement. So far, it has attracted 50000 users, they sent a total of 4 million yukio okamoto,. Not only that, yukio okamoto, almost humble way of communication, even in the hands of FourSquare users caused a trend of communication.

although we are still unable to determine if this is the product of another tech bubble era, but such an app, can get people’s high praise, and “con” to $1 million in financing, is really can’t imagine.

the Or Arbel in the interview seems to be some explanation is presented. First of all, yukio okamoto, is a kind of multifunctional communication context. Yukio okamoto, although the meaning of the word is not much, but can contain different meaning in different circumstances. Sometimes, even a yukio okamoto, enough to more than thousands of words. Second, yukio okamoto, as an app made it extremely brief, even the humble. But it’s this simple inspired the user the use of pure desire. People began to use this app is for the sake of curiosity, or for fun. But after long-term use, will discover the charm of this app. Again, Or Arbel said, the future will open the API to developers, will this simple progressive form of communication is introduced into other applications. Your friend came to the United States from Canada, for example, the application of airlines will push the word yukio okamoto, to you. And it is represents the “where your friend XXX has already arrive when and where” the mould, such as news.

we worried about whether such an app can maintain lasting appeal to users. The Or Arbel very confident for this. Yukio okamoto, way out there are a lot of, it is not necessarily a separate application form. It can lead a trend. “Anyway, that is afraid of yukio okamoto, only one over ten WhatsApp success, it is also a $190 million project, isn’t it? !” The Or Arbel said.