Third platform revolution: everything can be connected to the smart devices

third platform revolution

every 20 years, computing (Coputing power) of the cost of the sharp decline will produce a new computing platform.

in the 1970 s, the first integration of the introduction of computer chips, let the PC become small enough cheap enough, might have on every desktop; In the late 1990 s, the generation of a new generation of low-power chips for PDA – or “smartphones” – possible, such equipment to small enough to fit in the user pocket, power enough to hold a day for daily use.

the two platform revolution in computing power to prepare this major premise has gradually, the industry still took ten years to find a way to make full use of the new platform of new performance. Until 1984 the Macintosh (and later Windows) appeared to bring the PC user friendly interactive interface; Until 2007, when apple provide good multi-touch interactive experience on the iPhone, smartphone truly burst amazing potential.

we may be standing on the platform for the third time the tuyere of the revolution.

again, force calculation provides a potential change: a new generation of sharp chip miniaturization, deflationary force, lower energy consumption, provide the possibility of embedding more items. Can be Connected to the equipment (Connected Devices) had the preliminary feasibility.

of course, like the 1978 PC or smartphone in 2001, the existing intelligent device very early, and can use their phones to control color of the light bulb, tied to the lost the key to the small equipment… They are like toy don’t see what the potential of science and technology revolution.

a larger defects appeared in the software level. Consumers do not use the same interface to manage the home/office may appear in dozens of intelligent device. Perhaps as a platform for the first two revolutions, intelligent equipment and Internet of things also take years to mature. But as long as it matures, shall come to pass.

smart devices will make their lives better

if the things around us began to have the computing power, can be connected to each other, what would the world be like?

some of sci-fi scenario has shown some clue.

, for example, light, heat and air conditioning, speakers and other household items to be able to connect to the Internet, the system can automatically follows in the footsteps of his late family open closed, in a different room, the light glimmering.

colorful, WiFi driver tube can make the living room floor. Early morning, the light can be used to simulate the effects of the sun rises gradually gently wake you up.

the microchip embedded help door open automatically when you approach, on the way you work is automatically started baking oven food, sprinkler irrigation system will automatically connect to the Internet query weather forecast to decide when to watering the lawn.

omnipresent microphone allows you to any corner of the voice in the family all the networking equipment operation.

of course, it also can help you remember their goods. In the mobile phone or keys on a networking equipment, through which you can track the positions of objects

your concerns about privacy?

the ubiquitous networking equipment, of course, will lead to privacy concerns.

a prism, the NSA, those people knowing too much is always instead of worrying about a higher technology in the future. History has shown, however, users of privacy concerns than a pursuit of convenience. Now your pocket every day filled with at least a smartphone, it USES its rich your personal information collected by the sensors and the application is far more than the PC. It can monitor your footprint even… Listening to your phone.

still only very few people will refuse to use smartphones for the sake of privacy concerns. Most of the masses think they have nothing to hide (nothings to hide). If use of product is provided by the company they trust, they will be ecstatic to embrace the Brave New World.

software and interactive

the past decades, the chip computing power into the core of the popular mainstream computing platform is to develop a set of perfect user interface. The mouse on the basis of graphics operations system (mouse – -based graphical interfaces) contributed to the popularity of PC, multi-touch manipulation (multi – touch screens) made smartphones – they significantly reduce the difficulty of the user, all are available.

networking equipment also need their own interface.

to add touch each bulb? This is obviously not of thought. Perhaps the iot monitoring interface is the “network” (web) itself. A user will never accept a a software installation and debugging your bulb, but smart bulb can be automatically connected to the Wifi network, let users through the network to control and manipulate them.

once the equipment set up and manage the barriers to break, intelligent device can get a wider audience. A can control a lot of smart devices widespread application center is necessary, it should be able to let you turn off all the lights in the home, switch thermostat, activate the sprinkler system, manipulation of the refrigerator, to check the baby monitor.

but it’s going to be a rough development course. The current intelligent equipment made by various companies, make them mutual recognition to the difficulty of the same set of standards. But one day they will understand, only to establish a unified standard, smart devices can truly become a big business.

standard not

like every new platform, intelligent devices in the face of “chicken eggs, eggs, chicken” type, there is enough equipment can build platform, with the same platform to get consumers to buy in large quantities of different types of intelligent device. After all, using a variety of tools to manage the various types of intelligent equipment in the family, is unlikely to be accepted by the user.

the market will drive the industry overcome the disaster, there was a time when assembling PC is a tricky business, smart phones, s hardware and software have experienced wild confusion. A Shared standards and user-friendly interface once appear, the product will start to send out a magic.

three years ago, the famous venture capitalists mark Anderson describes the process of “software to eat the world” (software is eating the world). Software companies are leather niche business life, automobile, agriculture, industry and even the oil industry to accept the impact of the Internet. Cheap smartphones are accelerating the process. Today, most users have abandoned the digital camera, paper maps, GPS devices, telephone and other single function devices, because smartphone plus software can achieve similar functions.

smart hardware part seems to reverse the trend. Because its purpose is to let the consumer to buy more new hardware products. We will buy more and more niche products, rather than more integrated into a single device. But from another point of view, intelligent hardware still cannot get rid of the curse of “software to gobble up the world”, the software will be located in the core, only it can connect all of the equipment and provide user friendly experience.

today, smart phone system updates and rich third-party applications can bring me a lot of new features, better pictures, navigation and communication with family and friends. Also in this year in the future, a software update can permanently change our family lights, catering, entertainment, and the way we love our family.

this paper views from Timothy b. Lee’s article “

How tiny computers could change the way we live “