This mediatek “hug”? Google notebook will be cheaper!

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, this will usher in a new partner, mediatek. As China’s most famous chip maker, mediatek’s join will make already very low Chrome OS laptop become more “friendly”.

not only such, sources in the future we will be able to see mediatek chips running on Chrome OS notebooks, desktops, and even tablets.

Google engineers on their Google + first revealed the news. In an open source system files, he discovered the mediatek provides the Chrome OS project based on ARM architecture (A7 the prototype of the processor.

this price is about $200 at present. If you still feel that your, it only need to wait for pick up this mediatek chips was born. Mediatek’s chips, has been widely applied in low-cost smartphones and tablets.

this 11 HP and samsung Series 3 of this using ARM architecture (A15 dual-core processor, so the natural than carry ARM architecture (A7 dual-core processor running fast. But they are no match for the most carry Intel chips notebook products.

maybe someone think, mediatek chips could make this in performance, more behind the Intel chip computing devices. Interestingly, acer recently released the first Intel Core i3 Hawsell this processor.

although performance may not be perfect, but this based on mediatek processor, will attract more consumers “price sensitive”. Analysts believe that the future use of mediatek chips of this price will be lower than $200, and support the 3 g or 4 g data network.

it must be noted that, the above message is only a guess. We are not sure whether really see processor using mediatek Chrome OS devices.