This year, want to do what all samsung, will push a “virtual reality helmet”

from, samsung is currently developing a virtual reality helmet nervously equipment. Sources said that samsung is so quick to promote the progress of this product, because it thinks virtual reality products has great prospects. Samsung hope this product can be with Facebook Oculus Rift, SONY Project of Morpheus, even beyond them.

although details is unclear, but the reports revealed the following important message:

, this is a rather than the Galaxy devices connected peripherals, rather than an independent intelligent glasses products. Given that need more life support, this product will be used with the next generation of the Galaxy devices.

, this product is equipped with OLED display screen, than the second generation of Oculus Rift development accessories better.

images in order to prevent delay, the product will use cable connection rather than a wireless connection.

in order to quickly grab market, samsung the device pricing may be lower than similar products. But definitely not ridiculously low.

, insiders revealed that the product will not pick up Tizen system, but (custom) Android, so it can run Android games and other applications.

the samsung now has become a “catch-all” group co., LTD., its tentacles in traditional consumer electronic products, household goods, automotive, medical, printing, components manufacturing and other industries.

if the above information accurately, we hope that samsung this “quick finished product” to succeed, and not a gimmick.