Threat of apple is no longer a samsung, but made in China!

IDC recently released data on global smartphone shipments, revealed a very worth thinking about signal: apple’s biggest potential threats seem to be no longer the samsung, but from China’s mobile phone manufacturer.

the figure below shows the detail for us 2014/2013 Q2 samsung, apple, huawei, lenovo, LG mobile phone manufacturer shipments and market share.

we see, samsung, though still with shipments of 74.3 million and 25.2% of the market, but their annual growth has been negative. This seems samsung recession trend has been difficult to reverse.

it’s interesting that has long been considered the decay of apple’s biggest rival samsung, does not seem to bring any positive factors to apple. The second apple, in the case of samsung market share of negative growth, but again the shrinking market share. Why is this?

the answer is obviously behind several. Huawei, lenovo smartphone has a small share of the market, and a huge increase in shipments (especially huawei). We can think so, samsung and apple “vomit” out of the market share, has been China’s mobile phone manufacturer (including other brands).

of course, it must be noted that, in the second quarter is usually apple’s seasonal sales downturn. Since the third quarter, apple because of the new product launch will usher in a new wave of selling climax. However, analysts believe that apple can’t seem to catch up with the pace of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.