Thunderbolt nasdaq, after taking money where to go?

cloud network hunting on June 25,

thunderbolt successfully listed on the nasdaq bell yesterday evening, transaction code: XNET, initial public offerings sold 7.315 million American depositary shares (” ADS “), according to the American depositary receipts $12 per share calculation, has raised more than $87.78 million. A current market value of $1.034 billion.

as a domestic Internet established companies, thunderbolt download from 2003 since its inception has been committed to network technology development and application, but have been low-key style, rarely on active propaganda.

according to official figures, thunderbolt currently has about 5.2 million paying members of users, is the second largest paying members, the Chinese Internet platform. The first to tencent.

the thunderbolt owns offline download, high-speed channel, thunder cloud seeding, thunderbolt games accelerator main products, etc. And as the Internet download technology barrier properties, is considered to have many potential to mining. But in the current industry giants have layout download technology, relying on their own advantage in the industry and the thunderbolt has formed a huge pressure.

experience many twists and turns finally listed the thunderbolt which way in the future, become the hot topic in the industry.

Where the value of the

users, how to keep and continue to increase the user?

thunderbolt boasts 5.2 million paying customers, how to take these core users more wonderful story is the biggest question. Another wonderful work compared to domestic companies — Letv vigorous pace, is also has a group of able to pay, to the quality of the content of requirements of users, thunder also has high hopes were actually, but the contrast the cloth back business form, many people still keep calm attitude.

thunderbolt latest millet products has a critical point of action is to provide the cloud to accelerate the technology, and introduces the several founders of millet to the board, it is considered a thunderbolt is going to change a huge signal.

in pre-ipo attachment interview, thunderbolt CEO Zou Shenglong to cloud network response is hunting, thunderbolt will work with millet, for example, provide the service to users through various ways. In other words, that is, thunderbolt will cooperate with more companies, download technology provides the perfect for each other, to get more sticky users.

don’t just simply to attract people to become paying customers? Although the current domestic copyright protection becomes more and more specifications, in the future as the stability of the market may have more people to become paying customers.

the thunderbolt still insist on money management style, or exciting mode of the Internet? The feeling of what is just around the Internet tolls.

thunderbolt in video river’s lake, also can be assigned to the how many piece?

thunder cloud seeding function can widely otaku rot female of love, many users are willing to become a member of thunderbolt pay reasons, is blunt the thunderbolt high-definition video.

, because in the past “you know” market “to” lead ease the lives of their own, is not much on video resource layout, while under the national policy of various specifications, the market has been a certain impact is undeniable.

but have a lot of paying customers thunderbolt, use their accumulated user capital, so as to obtain certain market in resource distribution of advantage is obvious, however, is only hold various andie ethos for the thunderbolt shadow over again.

but the thunder of the paying customers are the members of a monthly and yearly payment system, and the resource distribution of commonly used is paid for by a single content, thunderbolt mechanism how to run your own account, is a difficult problem.

but may be a speculative live video resources, as happy as lucky to buy the copyright enrollment 嬛 white and look forward to the way open the floodgates, also not necessarily. Hope to find a way out thunderbolt.

other road, some real estate.

someone tweeting yesterday revealed that thunder in your own home – shenzhen spend nearly 32 million bought a piece of such rich people’s region land of nanshan, and let people couldn’t help fancy bullshit.

“the Internet is bad to do, or real estate make money! Millet to real estate, help millet ready? …… “

but thunderbolt’t buy what to buy land, isn’t it just as listed, all also have no positive response. Maybe just thunderbolt can come up with what pay attention to the exotic, win the favor of the market quickly.

real estate sounds feeling is unreliable, then the thunderbolt on what can you do?

skin business: thunderbolt how to say for a lot of people often use software, for those who pursuit is not infinite, thunderbolt is the several sets of appearance is really can’t satisfy the needs of the paying customers. If thunderbolt to earn money by skin began to learn to like millet, can guide users to their deposit into the account balance, such as their resources distribute up the bottom spirit.

browser: sogou input method to promote the browser, 360 by computer guards generalize the browser, with the most commonly used in the browser to download function, thunderbolt push browser or on, think of a site navigation can earn so much money, the thunder fire capital concept is quite helpful.

resource search: even the peas by the application of declining distribution platform to play up the concept of the video search, then the thunderbolt is taken by the recognition of a large number of users hd resources, thunderbolt out of a search concept relatively are expected.

social: thunderbolt features obvious user base, as well as their own download technology advantages of the clouds, still can make a big social through a variety of guidance, after all, baidu, 360 against their own cloud space began to expand the various group of function, add pictures social function does not necessarily in the future. For example to introduce similar douban reviews system, function and develop similar microblogging barrage V model.

about this time of the listed financing, thunderbolt two old total Wu Tao, Zou Shenglong did not give a specific answer, just said to increase marketing and according to the importance of different focus on promotion, expansion of mobile terminal and other services. Is a to B to C, and did not give a clear answer.

in the future, which way, according to the thunderbolt always cautious, pay attention to the style of their technology, personal above thought maybe will not go. But we also cannot ignore it, or have a strong technology, products, and the user resources. Thunderbolt might come up with what wonderful work plan, immediately like Letv into impressive ghost shares.