Thunderbolt prospectus shows: it has become a lei jun is company

hunting cloud network May 23

many stranded listing process of thunderbolt again submit a prospectus,, according to the prospectus and the thunder’s biggest shareholder is millet, the latter of thunderbolt shares reached 27.2%. Thunderbolt, has become a real lei jun is a company.

the prospectus shows that thunderbolt CEO Zou Shenglong through VantagePointGlobalLimited company holds 32814606 shares, holding 12.6%, thunderbolt President haohappy through Aiden& JasmineLimited holding 13133952 shares, holding 5.0%, Zou Shenglong and haohappy total shareholding is only 17.6%.

XiaomiVenturesLimited millet through its investment company holds 70977058 shares of preferred stock, E stake of 27.2%. XiaomiVenturesLimited total investment of $200 million. Is the largest shareholder thunderbolt.

morningside technology investment group holdings of 37787909 shares, stake of 14.5%. IDG technology venture investment funds 25198773 shares (IDGVC), stake of 9.7%. In April this year, jinshan $90 million purchase of thunderbolt series E preferred stock. Current KingVentureHoldingsLimited jinshan group holds 31939676 shares, a 12.2% stake.

according to disclose, the next three months, millet has the right to buy again to buy $100 million thunderbolt E class preferred stock. The millet, co-founder of flood peak, wang chuan has joined thunderbolt board, plus the kingsoft CEO hong-jiang zhang, lei jun has three seats in the board of directors of the thunderbolt.

the personage inside course of study tells cloud network hunting, lei jun in xunlei company increased voice reveals a clear signal, millet and thunderbolt future cooperation between the two sides will further, the content of the millet company will thunder in integrating and client resources.

it is worth mentioning that the recent national leaders visit thunderbolt, to aim at this year’s thunderbolt, is a good news.