Time machine application Timehop won $10 m financing, business will significantly

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Internet time machine Timehop has been offering services to the recall “today” that year, it will take you a year ago, or longer publishing on the social network state of photos and send to you, make you recall the past.

the company recently announced a $10 million B round, Shasta Ventures led, Spark, O ‘reilly Alpha Tech Ventures and angels Randi Zuckerberg to vote. The money makes the three-year-old company won a $14.1 million investment.

Timehop co-founder and CEOJonathan Wegener said in an interview, the company has 10 employees, the new funds available to hire more employees, help Timehop grow. Wegener said the Timehop currently on iSO and Android platform open the number of more than 3 million times a day. He also pointed out that reading Timehop people every day than reading USA today and the New York times.

in the future, Timehop may expand its service type. Explosive growth, “our digital footprint on the whole we create content will be more and more.” Wegener says, “now Timehop can only turn on your social network history, but we hope can also track your store photos, text messages on mobile phones and computers, wearable fitness tracking data, even your credit card credit card record. When you start your day, all of these digital emissions will come… We can track all of these things.”

Timehop also interested in the development diary tool, to help people to record my life better. “We want to help you enrich the every day.” Wegener says.

Timehop vision of the future reminds people of the company, with its accounts service commitments to help users to “remember everything” and famous software company. The company focuses on the record of personal thoughts and ideas, while Timehop focus on record more actual behavior. So these two services in the future could be quite complementary – but now it seems that Timehop seems to be more focus on the independent growth.

when asked whether Timehop will be threatened by transient digital services such as Snapchat, Wegener said that although the transient is very normal for personal communication, but people always want to retain some behavior and for future generations. “After you usually take photos in order to be able to see it, so will have to create content for the purpose of the archive service market.”

Timehop hasn’t started to make money, Wegener also said the company does not plan to implement the strategy of any profits in the near future. But eventually Timehop make money through sponsored content, such as to this day, in the history of the brand publicity, for example, it can remind you that today in the history of someone invented Coca-Cola.

Timehop from a Foursquare sponsored by hackers on simple projects, to grow into a mature independent company now, so the historical evolution of the fun. Today’s social networks and the land is telling you now, it is rare that Timehop but it can make you stop and regain the unforgettable years, no wonder Timehop so popular.