To build China’s Netflix, sohu and friends return bad?

“I want to say that you want to come to sohu watching TV drama, or… “Zhang’s words haven’t say that finish, is cooperate also is not very tacit understanding of female compere interrupted. , however, is the end of the activity, zhang was while the scene are not chaos, had said his own words: “you must come to sohu TV drama, really, I spent a lot of money”. The appearance and easy, yesterday as the star of the old boys, and began walking toward the audience, while some hesitate to say oneself think shouldn’t say but can not control the truth: “really, spent too much money, I love dearly… “

is not only the sohu, desperately to burn money to buy the copyright, gradually tilted to the homemade play, has become a network video industry, the common strategy of friends. For acceptance of western education, however, MIT graduates, zhang of well-made TV drama has a strong love. In his view, at least so far, people can’t to sohu watch TV drama, seems to have become a key factor for the fate of the sohu.

interestingly, on the same day, foreign well-known paid video site Netflix, announced the 2014 Q2 results. This is a money enough to get into eyes on Wall Street, cheered the transcript: subscription users more than 50 million, up 25%; Net profit of $71 million (including DVD rental revenue has stopped), up 59% from a year earlier. Growth, let alone paying customers is the profit ability, also let the sohu and his friends envy jealous of hate. Do the network video industry, the gap between us and the somebody else how so big?

a free-spending high-quality copyright programs, gradually tend to be more precise recommendation algorithm, more and more human nature and aesthetic interaction design… We with Netflix is in in the gap narrowed, but only a little gap was quite large, and is the most important thing – independent of network video program (homemade drama). Someone may refute my point of view, because almost all the domestic video sites began to throw money in the field of homemade drama. Not only that, but also there are some is expected to be of the homemade program. but unfortunately, we lack the excellent homemade network video content. The excellence, should be comparable to let zhang “spend money to love”, should be able to match with 14 primetime emmy nominated the “house of CARDS.

interestingly, sohu homemade program head shinner a power it tells the story of such a words: “our whole team stressed out. Other dare not say, have we assure leadership, shouldn’t spend money to a few points “. in fact, the fund investment is not the only standard to judge content final rendering quality. But sohu tandem, seem to prove that the two pieces of business now tilt in sohu interior resources and status. This isn’t the sohu video an attitude, it is all an arms race in the video industry common practice.

the film and television industry in China in recent years is a bad business. Theme of laziness, director of art, makes the industry impetuous and speculative. This phenomenon affects the new media. Network video industry practitioners idly would only put himself as a TV, movies, the content of the traditional media broadcast of “a porter”. Money, also killed himself as a new media innovation. Buying large quantities of copyright program has always been in the industry chain at the bottom of the hand to hand combat. In order to seize market, bringing the user, the necessary money to burn. But to let a person love dearly, hunting cloud network editor you don’t know whether reasonable.

your own fate in others, the consequences is very terrible. History of the development of the video industry, television and film is a typical case in point. TV rise, due to the lack of self-control program began a large number of handling old movies have been released. Film production and distribution companies began to think that this is an additional line of money, but later found that television shunt theater box office. In view of this, film distribution giants began to joint strangulation of TV industry, cut off the way of its copyright purchase. And new TV industry, because rely too much on film, and once was hanging by a thread. Fortunately, later television industry began to revive epigenetic, explore “TV movie” specifically for creating your own content. So self-important film industry practitioners, on the contrary to the request and TV industry cooperation and jointly create program.

even though most of the television industry has realized the system separation (in addition to TV news programs), but the content is king, sets up the high-quality goods consciousness has been deeply every content from the bone marrow. Suitable for TV industry, also applies to new media network video. Want to reverse innovation, will in the largest extent, the fate in their hands. in other words, “to spend the love” should be to help video website brand and “moat” home-made programs; “Shouldn’t spend a minute all don’t take” should be forced to work in order to seize more market share of copyright purchase program. of course, this does not mean that all show yourself, and others cooperation, final accounting separation and the direction of the network video media.

some people say that Chinese users without paying consciousness. But cloud network editor you think hunting, such as Netflix paid model is the trend of the development of the network video industry in the future. In order to obtain high quality video content, users either pay money, either under the reasonable degree, sell personal data. To sum up, pay is a must. Chinese users and foreign users, people nature is keen on free products, but no one is willing to get free worthless junk. The user’s habits can be cultivated, but the premise is to provide them with enough to make its content is willing to pay. Video industry in China is a long time to stay in spell dad, low-level competition stage of burn, is not only the market is not mature, but also not increase the consciousness to a strategic height.

silicon valley venture investment “godfather” graham once said: “only the investors, the stock market as a business will eventually get stable returns”. This for network video industry, also is wisdom. Homemade program is not lip service, light action only to a few famous director and star can be successful. only as the homemade programs to decide their own future survival factors, we will do whatever it takes to do it well.

that what is the quality of homemade contents? This problem is very complicated, it is not an article can say understand. But in hunting cloud network editor you point of view, the current network video website homemade show most of them are not qualified, some even worthless junk. We don’t see the fragmentation of time, because the user will be entertainment, vulgar culture as the fundamental value of the content. In contrast, in a short period of time, to attract users, need to be more carefully the content and form of production. people need best wishes “best wishes” entertainment ridicule, need men and women “the dream silk” cynical, but people need to be more valuable and interesting as news, yearn for a fascinating, ups and downs, well-made, enlightenment thoughts, the story of the emotional resonance.

a bright future, and to explore the winding road. Hunting cloud network editor, however, believe China Netflix will appear, hope to see more comparable to the excellent network homemade drama “” house of CARDS.