To do Chinese LinkedIn’s version of Youtube, how to play around the mouth of the story?

cloud network editor: hunting who 闫森

today telling this story: China LinkedIn’s version of Youtube, how to speak well, it has been a headache. it doesn’t matter, begin with black LinkedIn .

China not LinkedIn, calculate LinkedIn to do it myself.

why? Don’t beat around the bush, just say, professional practitioners common because China quality is not high, at the same time do social networking sites in the workplace too loaded to force, two different directions are in force, so the workplace social more walk more far .

the Internet is a service prick silk, don’t make LinkedIn QQ space? Dare not to tell, but who is to say is not correct.

ok, black out, good, has the inspiration, start below .

not used to, deliberately, to grounding gas, want to fry day, lovely. Whether workplace social so to play? User video making self-introduction, enterprise self or spoof, or sell, or female han the different style such as video, on social networking sites. With interesting content to attract viewers, draw a job interviewer. This scenario can work.

, forget words, forget about writing, speaking in video , enterprises make good recruiting video to attract job seekers, good content is the enterprise can’t go to bureaucratic jargon, especially in the recruiting industry. High profile already more and more not suitable for .

then hiring time, nothing but to find the right person, for hiring information transmission effectively, corporate image promotion . Graft the video is the most suitable.

seems to speak so much, also introduce products is nothing, Hobbyleap (actually just call hu b) founder zhao ping, seven years of experience in Internet industry, LinkedIn, have to do now is China’s version of Youtube. Game industry for a long time, coupled with the understanding of the industry, because the site is now a game industry recruitment website. But we should understand, so the above said those are white.

shouldn’t be so understanding. 16 think pretty well. Goal remains the same, want to put the products into China LinkedIn’s version of Youtube. But resources are limited, so from the game related resources recruitment of oneself still have . Suitable to do to this industry are also fun, game industry prick silk, abdomen black, industry is floating . Despite these, stop the industry demand for talent, recruitment level, game animation industry, talent gap how much , no data, CCTV reported the number of times is enough to the problem.

but as you read down, still don’t know zhao ping why do recruitment , now give a unified answer, game recruitment is only starting point , with interesting recruitment video game industry enterprises, the user can be forwarded, comments, to apply for a job, after forming community atmosphere, transformation, namely hiring, video drainage, guide reviews, forwarding atmosphere, community formation, finally do China LinkedIn’s version of Youtube. Someone will say, why not just start to do it. Why, because is too small, begin to do this will be easily beat to death .

overall, Hobbyleap website to tell the truth or too simple, will be launched around the middle of July. Today let’s not to judge other people’s dreams, surprise, zhao ping junior high school graduation, you can find, but the conversation passion too quickly, product that does not say. Very shocked, suddenly want to all the people who really doing product point a great ! But to be honest, this dream is too far away.


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