Today’s headlines behind copyright affair: opponents booster, print anxiety

note: do today’s headline news aggregation platform for financing of $100 million, is a big event in the field of press tool, behind the mapping is a snub to the traditional media and new media attention. The influence of “war” and “no war” nature is the future products. Recently there have been many view on the matter, the following for the alternative perspective to the full text:

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute scientific fan

I’ve written down the content of personalized recommendation, including the example is today’s headlines. In recent headlines today announced the C $100 million round of financing, copyright problems beset the traditional portal news again challenger for the client. The traditional print media are a cry, be infringing the copyright, the other side and importunity beg for can help guide flow, this dilemma situation also appears very ridiculous. From the perspective of an outsider, I think it’s necessary to restore the truth.

this should be competitors orchestrated events

in the morning to see a lot of jeopardizing the headline news today, actually still feel very surprised, because it’s a just a minor celebrity in the industry of app, this shouldn’t be so highly anticipated. $100 million financing, in full of impetuous and bubbles of the mobile Internet is also a very common thing. Peas had $120 million of financing, we haven’t seen the media scramble to report, there is no form so fierce debate, this had to let people suspect behind someone behind the scenes manipulation.

when I saw some news client the pop-up push message to remind, have to be surprised by this kind of behavior, so painstakingly to competitors advertise this is a kind of what kind of lei feng’s spirit. When I see those who write down headlines article actually is in the news from the media for the client, shocked again. Rational competitive behaviors, in my opinion it, but if have no standing in fact, because public relations needs the disinformation that is quite funny. The so-called fact “it is said that there are several media to massive copyright fees charged by the joint to today’s headlines.” Currently only one because the cooperation didn’t wind up and also produce controversy “guangzhou daily” stand up and speak. And since the media headlines today so-called fetching articles without copyright, I just want to ask, when you write articles have verified? If not, please check again later.

this evening see today’s headlines in micro letter group CEO yi-ming zhang in the kama sutra in the circle of friends with words, I think maybe is a skilled otaku, after public relations war baptism of irrational behavior. Here I appeal that Internet companies will stop malicious competition behavior, think should focus on how to improve the user experience to improve products, so that the behavior of the dog in the manger is no help for your development. We shouldn’t be because you reported negative headlines today, will give up using netease and tencent client’s news?

this is perhaps the Internet platform dilemma faced by the

today’s headlines CEO yi-ming zhang said during an interview with commercial value, they are already aware of the risk of copyright, today’s headline above all content have been authorized by the partnership. Just $100 million message stimulated many nerves, so instantly make criticism.

“in the information flow of news and information is roughly divided into two categories, a click on the headlines after the user directly import the proprietors of websites, such as news agency, xinhua, People’s Daily and other famous sites is to adopt the way of cooperation and, moreover, today’s headlines will according to the requirements of partners to ensure that advertising space on their original page not be filtered out, to protect the interests of its business; For some small local site, due to the lack of the ability to move, will headline today after its authorized with transcoding service, that is to say, after click on the title to jump to today’s headlines on the server, but copyright owners will retain their brand show.”

as far as I know, the diversion of today’s headlines now mainly divided into three kinds, the first is a PC web site the original web page display, jump straight to the other website that to be the same as the principle of search engines. The second is the news on the client app to jump to the other side of the mobile page of diversion, and the third is widely questioned the click to guide the original pattern.

now, it seems, perhaps because the traditional media are suppressed by Internet giant for too long, suddenly found a kind of unreasonable behavior after punching bag. We know today’s headlines in PC do and baidu, 360, sogou and no difference, are directly guide the flow to others, not intercept. But in the mobile terminal is the essential difference between, there are 360 and baidu news client, but they have only a third type of diversion of the headlines today. Directly to the site mobile station diversion mode without cooperation, so we can’t help but to ask these so-called infringed media, why didn’t you say baidu and 360 violation of your copyright?

in fact, the reason is very simple, because as two big search engines, baidu and 360 if they included a web site, great influence on traffic and rankings. For giant mobile end “infringement” behavior also can only submit to humiliation, today’s headlines now is still in the growing pains, now bring them value is not enough, so we can see the activist, vigorous action.

our problem is, as a platform using the content is really free? Platform or not, in my opinion, this kind of polymerization, polymerization platform not like portal as only choose some valuable content is published, but by the crawler for content output all the contents of the crawl, including your advertising and soft. These are the media hope to the spread of a wide range of content as much as possible. Platform to a certain extent, increased the influence and credibility of the media, also enhance the bargaining power of advertising. Feast under this is a win-win, but traditional media greed wants more, that’s all.

this is the traditional media do not know how to cope with the crisis of anxiety

with the development of the intelligent terminal, the rapid rise of mobile reading habits, and some well-known domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines have publication will resume publication. Combined with the erosion of traditional media advertising share Internet enterprises, the traditional media into the stage of “dying”. Some netizens even comments, once countries of news blackout, and portal website also can produce the current politics news, then the print will be death directly.

what is the reason caused the crisis of print? A lot of people think that because of the rise of new media, content channels earth-shaking changes. True Internet reading does away with a lot of users, but the content for print from paper to electronic form, move the entity content to online is not very difficult, we know that many traditional print media has its own corresponding web portal, and basic daily unique visitors are negligible. Many print started trying to transition to the new media, but there is little success stories, and many since the media from traditional print out shine brilliantly. Thought the reason, people think the key lies in “content”.

founder webs Yang Mingqiu to this phenomenon are concluded: “print real crisis, or the first crisis, crisis is content, namely content lack of value, unattractive, so users don’t need to print. Or, look at the content of the same value is not high, the user will choose relatively cheaper (free) and the (mobile) reading on the Internet more convenient. When you open a city several metropolis daily, you will see the content of the same height, which also includes many ordinary users don’t need.”

the content of the web portal why attractive, not because they have transported the content of the print production, but their depth of the content of the secondary processing. May be an article, not a word is the portal website production, and integrating the different information, plus a very intriguing title and several leading strong headings, the value of this article will be hundreds of times. For the value of the portal, but print may never understand, why would read the content of the same number to. Print produced a large number of social political content, but we are most interested in is always the lace of entertainment and sports news.

the generation of new technology, is both opportunity and challenge for the traditional print media, only and channel partner is the only way out, it’s difficult to imagine, and people are willing to buy a newspaper every day in the future to see those arcane eight-part essays.