Touch bottom three mainstream car rental APP: mobile car rental war was looming

cloud network hunting: war is not over yet, taxi rental war broke out the big, big three players are easy to transport, the number one car, Uber present their respective advantages and disadvantages? The author reviews and listening.

the author: JiYongQing

LaoJi today to talk about car rental APP, this car, is the kind of commercial vehicles, with the driver must have some friends have enjoyed this car rental. As a user can’t drive and travel frequently, LaoJi has experienced this kind of car rental APP, here’s LaoJi point of view.

in the past year, quick and drops behind and ali and tencent, burn off billions of gold silver, the benefit of the user at the same time, also let users accustomed to the mobile payment and mobile travel. A taxi smoke of war has not been cleared, car rental APP have started rubbing their hands. First, easy to transport to depreciate sales promotion, and then quickly in the domestic top ten cities with taxi to launch a car, then Uber announced formally in Beijing. Recently, media reports said drops a taxi is set to launch a service vans U better take a taxi.

because of clear business models in the field of commercial vehicles, predictably, car rental APP war was looming. In order to compete for users, manufacturers is likely to launch its own subsidy scheme in succession. Commercial vehicles in the guest unit price is relatively high, car rental APP subsidy scheme will come more fierce than before software by subsidies.

therefore, before the war, for the three mainstream APP on the market at present a detailed examination, for war is likely to be the upcoming new subsidies, on behalf of everyone here to thank them in advance.

easy to transport

basic introduction: founded in 2010, is the first domestic UBer followers. The biggest characteristic is easy to use it allows individuals to vehicles, to hedge the risks of laws and regulations, easy to personal vehicles are attached to the leasing company will join. Concrete is divided into on-call, car rental, airport to send booking machine, half day rent and day five service content.

advantage: as has operated for four years, is the first domestic car rental APP, now covering more than 50 cities in China.

disadvantage: no flow entrance, which leads to the user the import cost is higher, the demand and supply matching ability is lower, because many private vehicle service level is not standard; Orders growth, mainly involved Yu Xinke cost is too high, and no giant supports behind; More reservations, tests found that the “car” immediately the success rate of the lowest.


essay easy to transport with hair advantage, has operations in home nearly 4 years, because of the participants, easy to ever more comfortable in recent years, a few days ago just hit Uber home, the United States. But now, in addition to face Uber, and other domestic new PK of the manufacturer. Tests found that easy to cover in the city has obvious advantages.

1 car

basic situation: 1 car fast taxi its launch high-end brand, formerly known as bumblebee take a taxi. The service in December last year, this year July formal upgrade brand as a car. Currently offers instant car, to make an appointment car and shuttle machine three services.

advantage: main in the high-end users, high service standards. Take advantage of the fast taxi market eldest brother can get huge traffic and resources to test the car “immediately” and “reservations” success rate is very high, demand and supply of the highest matching ability, a taxi team experienced subsidy wars, the strongest fighting force in the next competition commercial vehicles.

disadvantage: service online time is shorter, less covered cities, at present only ten cities.

essay: 1 car launch services only half a year, but it seems a little newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Fast taxi has scored nearly six into share a taxi domestic software industry, coupled with the backing with ali, no lack of traffic is not short of money. Tests found that the number one car in order growth and product experience.

Uber step (optimal)

basic situation: Uber is a global leader in mobile car rental, has just raised $1.2 billion in June this year, valued at $18.2 billion. Uber a year ago to enter the Chinese market, enabling the Chinese brand “step”. Uber formally in Beijing in July, now provide instant car, without a car service.

advantage: rich experience, financially strong, is the oldest of global mobile car rental market; Starting point is higher, in many domestic service in the foreigner, and are cheaper than a taxi speed pin cut into the market, the strongest ability to burn.

disadvantage: product localization in China is not enough, when the credit card settlement in dollars, has led to the loss rate of the user. In addition some time may double the fare, directly in the credit card processing, users complained more; Chinese name “Uber” not intuitive, more like a sports brand; The future will have to face the policy risk and “curse” in China.

essay: as the market of the ancestors, Uber natural rich and powerful experience. But in the domestic Uber will face several local manufacturers, domestic Internet company “ferocious animals”, the future will step into the way of other Internet multinational companies remains to be seen. Tests found that Uber occupy obvious advantage in the service level and company level.

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