Traditional cleaning company transformation, online mobile cleaning services applications

Rocket Internet, p&g Helpling, recently launched a application with the same. It enables users to work in a busy life, more convenient to hire professional cleaners.

this application, allegedly in the use of national is the first of this type of function with the application. It can now be in Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden’s users to access and use. Benedict frank (Benedikt Franke), Helpling co-founder said, company’s main purpose is to mobile users can more easily to hire local nearby cleaners, because “location based service is the next big trend of mobile e-commerce.”

Helpling this app, connected with the other calendar applications in the user’s phone, you can easily manage the user’s schedule, and it can be stored in the mobile phone calendar appointments to clean. When cleaning staff need access to your position, you can set the system to remind. Not only that, Helping also can show users the most habits, if there is a free love clean. As for payment, you either by the application or by credit card, PayPal or direct transfer is also possible.

Helpling in April for the first time in the home of Rocket Internet Germany, it has to do with the Homejoy (also active in the UK and Germany domestic company) using the same pattern – “cleaner” hire a fixed fee. Other start-ups in Europe including the Hassle, MOPP and Housekeep, all of these companies have also recently have been issued a funding round.