Traditional recruitment website into a “toilet”, cooperated network to build “club”

(word/qing nan)

in the 51 job listing, zhaopin and fading of China person of outstanding ability, the domestic employment market for a long period of time is considered to be “sink” of industry, is not only a product, business model, also does not have the big capital market movements.

just yesterday afternoon, as the market’s army – cooperated announced a $70 million net C round of financing, warburg pincus investment led, warp/weft and China. It is five years to obtain the biggest investment in this aspect and also release the new development of signal, domestic recruitment industry has entered a new stage of development.

“toilet” and “suo”

open data query to, cooperated network in the previous three years A, B two rounds of financing is only about $10 million. Warburg pincus and warp/weft why big into this time? The answer is in good cooperated net new recruitment pattern business outlook, and the site over the past three years has achieved rapid growth.

actually, cooperated parent company originally founded in 2006, founded by Dai Kebin, in a few years before actually do the work of the traditional headhunting. Until 2011, the company is ready to transition, make plans for job seekers to build career development platform.

with the traditional recruitment website information display is given priority to, rely on advertising revenue model is different, cooperated nets mainly high-end recruiting people, rely on the technology behind the advantages do precise recommendation for job seekers, companies and headhunting service routines. The enterprise as the main source of income, the website according to the enterprise the level of service required to charge, time, service content, and provide more professional, customized and high-end multidimensional recruitment services. In addition, value-added services for individual users and is also an important source of income to cooperated network.

Dai Kebin a simple example is used to describe the difference between the cooperated network and traditional recruitment website. “Traditional recruitment website similar to the toilet, in a hurry to go to, to go out; And Dai Kebin to create a “club”, to later want to come again.”

outside aside recruitment information services, users with what to choose cooperated network and want to often come? Behind it is Dai Kebin service thinking is put forward. According to the idea, cooperated network is not only set up for the applicants to apply for a job, the enterprise recruitment channels, more for these groups to build career development service system, such as knowledge interlocution, community, etc. At present, the existing “fellow question and answer” products online (enterprise may according to the problem of respondents for matching employees), also built a global career development center (manual telephone counseling, one-on-one service for job seekers).

cooperated network CEO Dai Kebin introduction, at present a total of 11 branches in the whole country, has 11 million registered users, search breakthrough in 100000 (70%) is not verified, more than 100000 service enterprises. Of these, nearly three years website revenue average annual growth rate in more than three times.

even if is such a high growth, in three rounds of financing are participating partners China founding managing partner zhang ying still not satisfied, the reason is that “too robust too conservative”. He puts forward new requirements to cooperated network is to raise money out as soon as possible, to shape the brand to develop faster and bigger market share.

Dai Kebin also revealed the next target. Registered users will reach 20 million, for example, enterprises should break through the 20 m. In terms of branch of construction, will be 15 this year, next year will reach 20.

the data might be a slightly simpler, according to information from his speech, after the net cooperated to obtain new financing, will invest more resources to upgrade the website thoroughly, into a dream career development platform. Although so stated before, but present a product more or a recruitment website.

Main strategy


according to the general Internet company financing to the rhythm of the listed, if no accident, round basic C is listed before the last round of financing. This means that the cooperated network as soon as possible to improve the product, brand, rob users and impact performance, it is imperative to expand.

simply, cooperated net $70 million in financing the wheel will be mainly used in the following: one is the hiring, expand product technical team; The second is to build the PC + mobile + artificial service trinity platform; Three is the brand construction.

on the brand construction, cooperated network will combine the content marketing and advertising. Since Dai Kebin is procter & gamble company was born, with a keen understanding of marketing and positioning of products. He said, the company in 2014 is one big task content construction, in addition to fellow q&a, cooperated next will also launch an elite community services, through the exchange of job-hunting active users to produce high quality content, and then to attract other job seekers lasting appeal, or even external drainage from the site.

offline advertising, cooperated network according to job seekers career path, for example, on the way to work (subway, driving), the office contact etc will be put in the focus of the magazine.