Triggered a joke about “apple smart headphones” YY

during the May Day, many science and technology media reported is launching a intelligent headset products. Because this product have the so-called health detection function, and after media reports of iOS Healthbook health monitoring application form “echo”, thus obtained the widespread dissemination of media and analysts. Yesterday, unfortunately, a self-proclaimed this false information first, stand up and said: “this product is purely his imagined after waking up, even to himself all feel funny.”

it is alleged that the message is the first source of today’s popular anonymous Secret Secret sharing application. Although this app has exposed the multiple related technology company executives or infighting broke, but most are considered to be false and unfounded.

let a person feel gratified slightly, has always been of foreign large technology basically do not have reported the news media.

the claims to be the perpetrator of user pointed out: “in the morning on May 1, after a long time is in a state of half asleep. Spare nothing browse to eBay and other e-commerce sites, found no a completely meets the requirements of your equipment, thus inventing the above the EarPods headphones.” Ironically, even the author claims that “apple sold more than $200, has a health examination of smart headphones”, make him feel ridiculous.

a number of science and technology media quoted MacRomors (a special report about apple rumors and broke the news blog), the “analysis” with relish.

of course, we can’t judge apple completely impossible to launch such a smart headphones. Earlier media reports apple gained an “will biosensor built-in headphone” in the patent. In addition, apple has employed a MIT wearable device expert Eric Winokur and others, they are said to be building apple’s latest wearable devices.