U2opia, make function machine can also be connected to the Internet to play the application

is given priority to with Twitter, Facebook, social network from the original Web page extensions to the mobile terminal, has become a major element in people’s social life. The current mainstream of smartphone systems also involve a wide variety of networking applications, but have you ever imagine function on Facebook long what kind?

must be hard to imagine a blue background, has rich resources video, photographs, Facebook will appear with such monotonous writing, but for those poor networking condition, with the function of machine of users, the user experience is quite good, this is also offer a “bridge” U2opia can rapidly expand the user scale one of the reasons.

it said U2opia compartments.

U2opia is India mobile company established in Singapore in 2011, the main network intelligent application of bridge transformation “, “services covering the 36 countries at present, there are 53 cooperation operator, with 17 million users, given the current 62% of the world’s mobile phone is machine function, U2opia market is fairly development space.


the U2opia service support seven languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, bahasa Malaysia, swahili, and Albanian. In a few days or will be increase the Vietnamese.

and its service coverage including Senegal, somalia, south Sudan, Chad, Niger, Colombia, Haiti, Honduras, el Salvador, Cambodia, Palestine, Iraq, yemen, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Mauritania, etc. In these areas users use digital keyboard call three break code can be connected through U2opia services.


U2opia widely by mobile phone built-in USSD agreement (unstructured supplementary data service), making the machine’s function can carry on the data interchange (edi) with a networking application service, its content will send, feedback through r&d platform Fonetwish U2opia itself on a small screen, pure text interface adapter.

U2opia using USSD agreement on all phones, so the problem of fragmentation basic does not exist, don’t need to spend big strength to fit all kinds of functions machine models. At the same time, the operation of the three short code common to ordinary users are familiar with, the learning cost is not high also.

cooperate with Facebook, Twitter, depth

U2opia Fonetwish platform has relevant content to Facebook, Twitter, and signed a cooperation agreement. At present there are nearly 1.5 million monthly users via U2opia provide platform to register to use Facebook and Twitter. Although the overall user experience, at first glance is sad, but U2opia services are a relatively perfect, users will be able to do most of the social operation, such as browse friends new, update the status, circle of friends, read the comments, send and receive short message, and read to remind. At the same time, users can also use short code pages etc. The consumption of USSD deal flow is generally small, many mobile operators will be sold in bytes packets.

founder Sumesh Menon said U2opia service as to collect classified data, using the U2opia service users can more quickly to get the data. U2opia period, he also talked about the company name comes from his favorite band U2.

, said Menon tried service users, with 60% will renew continue to use, most users aged 24 years old the following, therefore not short a period of time in the future, the development of U2opia curve is quite optimistic. Interestingly, 5% use Fonetwish service users with smartphones. Many emerging markets, with smartphone users can subscribe to data services to access, store video.

service prospects

for the popularity of social networking applications, U2opia is a key, but it is the most significant is not Facebook, Twitter, these intelligent application moved to function differently on board, but the use of these social applications worldwide influence in turn set up his own market, for the user. U2opia not is not the current user base and the function of its worldwide machine users also build a comprehensive platform on the market, as a result, Europe has a football club would like to in Africa for its development of the interactive application of fans will want to use U2opia platform; The British media companies want to be able to extend the audience, the nonprofit JianKangJi idea into developing markets will want to use U2opia platform; The seed companies hope to cooperate with farmers in the Indian state of andhra pradesh experiment also can seek U2opia help. And market research company also bargain with U2opia, hopes Fonetwish platform to demographics investigation.

The current situation of the development of

U2opia in 2011 by Menon and Ankit Nautival was created. Financing from the Matrix Partners in India.

now U2opia quarterly profit rose 20%, the profit comes mainly from Fonetwish platform. The company currently has 180 employees, set up a studio in new Delhi, Singapore and dubai.

U2opia since 2013 has entered a stage of earnings, financing is not plan. U2opia goal now is to get more market – the recent U2opia will log in on that, the Philippines, Zimbabwe, and Morocco. Currently working with more than 50 operators can let U2opia radiation to about 100 million users in emerging markets. Only in India, for example, a total of 900 million mobile users have 550 million Fonetwish services – which can be used U2opia cooperation agreements with operators.

and broad market coverage has become one of the advantages of U2opia. Relative to other competitors, U2opia cooperation agreements with operators to cover more firmly the emerging market.

compared to traditional value-added services, operators prefer working with U2opia – many through U2opia use Facebook and other users of the service will soon begin to order data plans, and the data package obviously more profits than voice services.


recently, U2opia also opened their own application development platform, based on this, the developer can be applied to the platform build, test, and choose to put on the network. Because USSD U2opia has to cooperate with all the operators to buy three short code (e.g., * 315 #), so you can easily through the attached code to add services (e.g., * 315 * 55 #).

India’s banking regulatory commission has recommended a USSD agreement with the combination of SMS messages mobile banking to develop the Indian market.

although U2opia development prospects are very good in the short term, but after all functional machine is a thing of the past. Smartphones and data flow of package prices falling, in the fourth quarter of 2013 surpassed function machine for the first time smartphone sales accounts for more than 57.6%. This trend, users will switch to the smart one day to enjoy a better user experience. Fortunately, however, before this U2opia still have enough time to perfect and development. According to the Menon, U2opia also in other products of research and development for smartphones.

maybe U2opia can go smoothly from the “function” to the “smart” transformation of the road, U2opia’s future, we can see.

Via: Quartz