Uber spied a billion-dollar market: business to business travel

a taxi as an on-demand service application, Uber has spent four years to build a covers all the cities around the world to private car taxi service perfect transportation options. Until now, however, its business is only focused on the private clients. Nowadays, Uber is by changing the corporate users on its platform reserve vehicles and pay a fee to chase a huge, new business opportunities.

Uber company today is launching a new service called “enterprise edition Uber”. Its purpose is to convenient business users work out will fare bills sent to their company directly. Uber, on the other hand, would be to use the service companies to provide a centralized service information control panel, so that companies can track be payment has already been the vehicle at any time.

this is fundamentally new products to new and old customers feedback. Many customers both in personal life and in business affairs use Uber, but their employers did not come up with a good way to manage these costs. “Since the Uber began operations, many companies and enterprises always request us to design some related to their business”, Uber commerce, senior vice President Emile Michael said in a telephone interview.

“Uber” will be provided to management of a centralized service information control panel, and they can invite staff on this panel into a specially designed for a taxi fee share payment account Settings. Once invited, staff only need to click on a link to their personal Uber accounts and bind their company’s account.

once the binding is complete, the user can quickly switch between personal and corporate account. If this is a tolerance, their Uber receipt will automatically be added to the cost of their reports. It’s at the time of filing expenses is reduced a lot of trouble.

for managers, the new control panel will improve work with traffic tools used in the visibility, make the cost more transparent. Michael thinks, so far, most of the land transportation reimbursement credentials include a variety of tourism consumption sheet, taxi receipts, cash card taxi invoices, even without the invoice. Uber will through more detailed data analysis to achieve the purpose of cost control in the activity, so as to fundamentally change the status quo.

of course, most important of all, the use of Uber is likely to mean that save money. In most markets around the world, at least in the United States, Uber pricing below pricing of the taxi, thus Uber travel has become a more affordable option.

even if employers do not explicitly to join the “enterprise edition Uber”, Uber companies still for enterprise users with travel convenient payment. This is because the Uber has announced Concur with business travel costs management company cooperation. Combining the global 25 million Concur users can connect their accounts and Uber, their Uber bills will be automatically sent to the expense report.

in addition, the holding of American express credit card users will receive and Uber members of the same benefits. Announced earlier this summer, Uber cooperation with American express company, the company the cardholder can get when using Uber double integral, and the cardholder can use the express company credit card to pay Uber directly.

in the near future, in all startup of business travel, seems to be all the rage. After all, just a few hours ago, house lease service travel website announced an cooperate with Concur, the purpose is to simplify the process of its intended homes and pay.

Michael confessed, Uber is through these adapt to market changes to the pursuit of a potential, up to tens of billions of dollars in tourism industry. By this time for the accurate positioning of their own, Uber has been travel management personnel identity is not only a choice, but an enterprise, the optimal choice. Uber seem to be able to see it in the field of business travelers huge turnover increased.