Uber valuations of record $12 billion, revenue exceeds $1.5 billion next year

a taxi foreign application Uber valuation “things” in the media lately. After bloomberg gives a valuation of $10 billion, the Wall Street journal quoted sources said yesterday, Uber valuation has topped $12 billion. It is worth noting that both before and after the report agree that Uber is about to get a new round of up to $500 million in financing.

Uber, founded in 2009, has been obtained, including Google and amazon bezos investors as much as $300 million in financing. Last year, Uber valued at $3.5 billion. This means that less than a year, up nearly 3.5 times the start-up company valuations.

how about Uber could achieve such a high valuation, hunting cloud network editor jun has been analyzed in several articles. This article brief summarized as: high tech environment of continued, Uber diversified expansion, such as the product itself quality experience.

it is important to note that the report revealed that Uber internal net revenue next year is expected to more than $1.5 billion. After Uber seemed to default the company revenue of $200 million last year.

since Uber into China, people generally trashing this product. On the one hand, it could face serious water and soil defy, analysts pointed out that, on the other hand, a taxi industry “double horse war”, simply hold Uber the foreign monk. Unfortunately, from the current exposure, whether faster or bleep, the doyen of is not an order of magnitude with them.