Ucweb CEO letter to UC staff: merged with ali to speed up the dream

alibaba group and UC gifted as announced today, UC gifted as wholly into the alibaba group, and form a ali UC mobile business group. UC gifted as chairman and CEO YuYong blessing served as President of UC mobile business group, into the highest decision-making team – ali ali group group strategy committee.

then ucweb CEO within the UC issued an open letter, the following is the full text:

be ling extremely, see the mountains small

, all the students to UC letter

all UC students,

here I on behalf of the class committee to announce an exciting news, after a long-term running-in, communication and thinking, from today onwards, UC group will be integrated into the alibaba group co., LTD., a part of ali’s family.

whereby we would create the largest in the history of China’s Internet of m&a integration: the integration will most in alibaba stock, cooperate with some cash in, before the transaction total valuation of UC is far more than the Chinese Internet biggest deals “baidu in 91 of a $1.9 billion valuation. Integration is completed, we will set up ali UC mobile enterprise group, this is the alibaba group in ali electric business enterprise group, cloud computing, big data business group to form a new business after the cluster. The enterprise group in addition to the existing UC group business team, will also integrate ali group and other related business team, is responsible for the business including the browser, search business, LBS business, swim nine mobile gaming platform, PP mobile application distribution business, love books flag of the construction and development of mobile reading, etc. I have been invited to join alibaba’s highest business decision-making team – alibaba group strategy committee members, and was appointed by President ali UC mobile business group group.

here and share with you a work committee made a strategic decision the thinking behind:

1, the realization of the dream – faster

this year is the tenth anniversary of UC entrepreneurship. Ten years ago, we take “U Can on the Web: help users more convenient access to the Internet” this simple dream set sail, witnessed the opening of China mobile Internet era. As the business grow and develop, we reshape the new dream in 2011 – “half the earth to help people enjoy convenience, the open Internet service”. We firmly believe that only the mobile Internet to realize the dream of “half the earth connection”; We firmly believe that the realization of this dream, will be on a global scale, completely change people access to information, enjoy entertainment, enjoy life; We firmly believe that only the mobile Internet can get a Chinese Internet companies become the protagonist of this dream. UC is among the first of a batch of Chinese Internet companies to go abroad, after a few years the internationalization path of exploration, we have the largest of all Chinese Internet companies overseas users, also gain greater vision and pattern of international outlook than expected more let us happy, for the realization of the “dream” the world’s leading, from China, we are willing to give everything. In terms of internationalization, we have also seen tencent micro letter and ali international promising results, especially ali internationalization will be a huge impact on the ecological, “half the earth people service” dream with us coincides with mine.

today, ali group in e-commerce, Internet financial, cloud computing, big data, culture, entertainment, logistics, international sports even more depth on the vertical business layout, has gone far beyond any other Internet companies in China. In the Internet and other industry fusion, the process of penetration, ali has obvious advantage, can say ali today has not only is an Internet company, is an enterprise beyond the Internet. Relying on the advantage of UC in mobile, in combination with ali in the related industry deep layout and make each other each other to grow stronger the more variables, catalytic out more amazing chemical reaction, achievement more beyond the expectation of the future, to achieve bigger dreams. This is class committee considered, selection and ali alliance, the most important reason.

UC and ali in 2009, after to make strategic investment, in the past five years, ali met their commitments “unconditional support the development of the UC, the high-level equality, respect, friendship is established. When ma always put forward “dream” and to come together to achieve common suggestion, we think this is a chance, a kind of fate, let both sides were consistent dream fusion, faster, stronger forward!

2 for responsibility – greater expectations

UC from 6 entrepreneurship to has nearly 3000 people this year, as a team leader, we have a great responsibility and the pressure to help you achieve better personal development and material rewards. Like I Shared before, as a business group, listed is just a process, listed is for the purpose of enterprise development, the company brand and team motivation; If it is control, not listed and the city more advantageous to the entrepreneurs in the evening. Alibaba group in the past five years, for evaluation of the team consists of UC has been high, the integrated scheme is gives a the highest prices in the history of the Chinese Internet, and through the exchange to UC students are listed on a fast and enjoy again value growth plan, trust UC team’s ability to continue to let team independent, let UC brands carry on growing.

in front of such a choice, I, xiao peng, Liang Jie, made some suitable inflammation, but we believe that responsible decisions to everybody, let everybody more stable business rewards, on the basis of to be able to concentrate more on thinking how to do better products, how to display the ability more strong, how to enter a higher stage of our life!!!!!!!

3, the summit of mount Everest to challenge – cause

UC is a typical miniature of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, from a simple new life began, in a complex and intense competition of the original forest, the experience many birth never thought the challenge of competition has also encountered a lot of ugly, but in the end the cruel survival test, has made himself a place in the structure of the mobile Internet. But we must thank all kinds of external competition and challenge, which made UC today, let us become one of the biggest variable in the pattern of China’s Internet.

we would like to thank tencent! Is with tencent mobile browser team over the past few years the high strength competition, let us can’t slack off, to speed up the pace of technological innovation in products and constantly, let UC implements fast from Symbian to Android intelligent platform across, let UC realized in domestic mobile browser market share from 30% to the growth of more than 50% market share, become the country’s largest mobile browser users platform, let UC has realized from a single Chinese market to the market share of more than 10% across multiple countries. At the same time, competition and challenge also let us have more business thinking, starting from the mobile browser, after more than four years of building, cultivate the domestic leading mobile gaming platform and brand – UC nine, nine swim to partner in 2014 more than $one hundred million into expectations, we always didn’t forget to build an open and win-win mobile games.

we want to thank baidu! What it is because the baidu to search the special attention, let UC is developing mobile search business is the height of the 7 x24 hours response and fast iterative temper (although what search by baidu many times in the past month wrong operation, have been labeled as “unknown” search engine). Because of competition, what mobile search engine search has become a major variable. Thank them, only competition and challenges to make entrepreneurs run faster; Only competition can benefit the user, because product innovation can be faster, services can be better; Can only benefit the ecological competition, let people more equal, more balanced development. Mobile search is the great innovation opportunity window, we see what has become an important variable of mobile search for a breakthrough, we need to integrate more high quality resources, we need to give up more short-term interests, we need to create a better experience for the user, the need to create more value for the partner. All the students the next stage, we will face more challenges in our career, have what thing, than over and beyond the two mountains in front of us is more excited, old age is more worth bragging!

based on the above three thinking, the team has made an important decision. As a monitor, after a decision, I want to talk to you the password is “charge”. A person, a team to win the future, if you want to win the respect, is the most important challenge self, self driven, self competition. When you cannot compete with yourself yesterday, today you just passed a turning point in life! In this integration is completed, you can imagine, fire will be more fierce, hope everybody can brief celebrate after, make yourself and your team as soon as possible to zero, next Monday, each field army must enter the product research and development rapid iteration cycle, make your product more, make the user experience better, let us make variables, let ali and the integration of UC have close “fusion”!

in the end, I especially like to share with you and ali culture of UC. I feel, two team culture is highly consistent pursuit, I believe that our integration will be very smoothly, we will be proud of ali people!

be ling extremely, see the mountains small.

monitor for

on June 11, 2014