UI China, help the UI designer growth and cash

UI China, formerly known as iconfans. Domestic professional UI designer platform. Before writing an article, I thought this was a new entrepreneurial teams, didn’t think they have business for six years.

UI China immediately to do their sixth anniversary celebration at a time. 11 years, they borrow innovation works site support, held their own 3 anniversary. When it is three years, to the sixth anniversary, and they said, the only thing unchanged is entrepreneurial zeal.

co-founder, said zhu jun did so long, actually go, in February, spend heavily to buy UI. Cn domain names.

goal to make the nation’s largest UI designer platform .

positioning crowd

the UI more partial vertical positioning of the group, China has employed the UI designer, want to change careers designer, designer entering jobs. For in-service UI designers to submit their work here, to show. Want to change careers, there will be more accurate recruitment information. Entering jobs designers, here are the information they can learn, also can do it and community UI and communication ability to ascend.

market achievement

do so long, zhu jun told me that the result is good. They are currently millet theme market exclusive joint operators. Exclusive contract expires in August, they will also try to access more ecological home themes, theme help designers have distributed to more market, then sell the benefits would be multiplied several times than it is now.

this is their last year’s results, in fact I still under a jump. In December last year during the month of their turnover has done 1.88 million, nearly 1.3 million monthly can give designers. Now has doubled.

in addition to these, they prefer to learn UI will China become a UI designer’s first choice. In six years experience drawn to the 100000 + members and excellent professional designers resources. Through community communication, design activities, providing talent integration way to retain these users, such as vertical training do big article in the future.

it’s said their profit model

the current UI the profit pattern of China is relatively common, including: recruitment advertising, headhunting, UI design class competition, activities, and all the package design, market operating millet theme. Is in front of the exploration, and finally this is the big recruit: “training”, in the form of platform for online training. System will be in the future of learning materials, tidy up the UI design need online will be more partial foundation and theory, simple tutorial to the user study. Then the offline conversion for students, doing practical training in offline.

industry status

vertical industry needs more vertical cognitive, Internet development, design in the proportion of products is more and more attention. But there are a lot of people or companies so far, the UI design thought is simple visual aspects of the design. In fact wrong, precisely, the UI should be from visual to interact, to experience, not simply in order to make the interface of good-looking, but let it at the same time in the beautiful, use rise more comfortable and simple. Foreign and domestic have difference, lies in the theoretical system, more is the domestic education “education”, ha ha, not much said.

the industry circle is very small, and they have similar visual China and cool. In spite of this, but the status quo of this industry is not very good, zhu jun feeling told me that the current design industry: a group of the most creative people in also solve the problem of food and clothing, which you have time to talk to you about ideas?

in the end he sincere told me: UI China want to do, is to let the designer become prosperous first, maximize their value, can bring more ideas and value.

Based information

website: http://www.ui.cn/China


time: in February 2008,

location: Beijing,

stages: initial

fields: design, UI

abstract: the most professional domestic UI designers to study, exchange and sharing platform.

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