Under the traditional media, new thinking, mobile Internet how to live

(word/qing nan)

a few years ago with the traditional media is dead “arguments will be dismissed, now,” the transformation is not to die “is the consensus of the traditional media people.

earlier this year, “evening news” officially closed, haier announced that will not be put in the hard advertising to the magazine. Coincidentally, domestic always yields a good wealth newspaper (the first finance and economics daily parent) 2013 results from revenue or profits from 2012 with large landslides. Immediately, “Wolf!” cries out for a long time finally no longer is a lie, performance and word of mouth good strong media cannot possess.

heavy boat side side thousand sails sick tree ahead keeping green forever. Compared with the traditional media moan continually, although the Internet advertising market, but the reader user base has been transferred to the mobile end quickly, change again the battlefield.

if the original portal further living space in the traditional media, now of the mobile Internet is more like a good one knife. Anytime, anywhere access to the information demand, APP mode intensive development, WeChat public platform as well as micro and V will impact the position of the traditional media to collapse. Add media content more, the survival of traditional media content advantage is deserted him, from a few years ago “big brother” thoroughly become pensioners.

important in today’s reading – WeChat public platform, many traditional media has been a large amount of fans from media far behind. Declining circulation and advertising decline, reader loss… The challenge before traditional media has never been so serious.

dilemma under the traditional media followed “mobile”

the current traditional media mainly refers to the media, can be roughly divided into two types: official, run by the local people. The former more towards the public, such as daily, evening; The latter is more towards vertical niche, mostly in the magazine.

when it comes to strategic shift, for media content, products, decision-making power, money and the team be short of one cannot.

for official class of traditional media, large volume, although itself has a lot of resources, but subject to the system limitation, transformation road to adjust more cautious, progress has been slow. For many people, “transformation is dead, the transformation is not to die”. In this case, the “not reactive but beg without” is part of the management of psychological portrayal. In fact, these media are not don’t want to transition, but a lack of clear direction and trusted execution. And private class traditional media although flexible mechanism, but because of limited fund, technology, etc, also disappointing when expand into new areas.

in the past few years, most of the traditional media in the face of pressure or adjusted, pay attention to is just “adjust”, rather than the transformation. In the original production mode, the essence of transmission, and the content of the technical innovation under the condition of no improvement, also it is destined to be underpowered to little effect, even many traps.

from the mobile news, the electronic version to to the Internet platform, many traditional media have been through exploration on the PC. In weibo, thriving, traditional media and media officer of micro operation; In the era of mobile Internet, the traditional media opening WeChat public accounts, and input the client APP. Add a mobile version of the site, in the portal news App, etc., these companies seems radical.

but on the whole, in the previous change, traditional media with the progressive loss of distribution channel control, the substantial depreciation of the power of the media and advertising value. The traditional media was forced to enter and build the new platform, in essence, the content of the second copy, there is no differentiation. Although original intention is to capture new users, but the content of the key steps in manufacturing or walk on the path, this also is doomed to be doing this. From this point, the cross media media only exist in the transformation of concepts, without substance.

and, more importantly, the traditional media have been feeling the advertising revenue decreased, the cost of spending growth pressure, therefore in the construction of mobile Internet development resources not only support a limited, and under “who advocate who input, the current in the current work” the principles of the red line.

even shallow to think a lot of management, the traditional media opened weibo WeChat officer, to build the APP is in the transformation of the road. In fact, these measures are not differentiated, no business model, is essentially a way, and also does not have the representative products stand out from the crowd. This is also the transformation of the traditional media’s collective problems.

to explore new ideas

a wide range of point of view, the mobile Internet and give the chance of a traditional media reshuffle and start again, of the same starting line. , of course, it also includes the portal, although each portal news APP has made a large number of users, but serious homogeneity on products and business models.

appeared on the eve of the disruptive changes in the industry, only thoroughly transform can have a way out. In the transition to the new media, “to the user and the market as the guidance, take the technology as drive, on the basis of the platform” has become a consensus, the principle of dig content resource, look from the level of industry, more and more cooperation is to fusion, roughly divided into the following three categories:

1, a new vision of “content is king”

whatever transmission channel change, the core values of “content is king” is always the same, this is any media based on this. High quality team of content pages that need to be more efficient and flexible mechanism as well as logistics, “high quality and less quantity” mode can consider user fees and high matching advertising model.

in the content to build into the product of thinking, and in accordance with the attitude of operating the community to run readers and authors, build community concept, makes the fans of the economy.

2, which is dominated by the technology of the new fusion

such as domestic automobile class weekly magazine auto weekly in its own technology lack of cases, select search of cloud service platform to launch every day car App, quickly cut into the mobile Internet, realizes the minimum time costs. A focus on product technology, dedicated content. The reference in the vertical niche for traditional media.

3, the transformation of regional life service class information website

for regional network media, rooted in the local market, as much as possible to get traffic and audience. And through the interactive online and offline activities to improve the viscosity.

4, media transformation services

a similar “entrepreneurs”, has the original pure magazine has been converted to offline activities online communication channels, the main focus of the company’s also through holding a contest and other activities to obtain benefits. That is to say, a number of development, only by offering and advertising revenue is clearly not enough to support, so that the development of diversified industrial direction.