Unseen, the youth edition of “secret zhihu”

Austin company received $2.1 million, to develop its anonymous Unseen photo sharing application. The application is becoming more and more popular in the campus. Investors include too co-founder Dirk Elmendorf, Indeed.com CEO Rony Kahan, Woodbolt International CEO Doss Cunningham, and other digital angel investors.

at first glance, Unseen and is very popular in recent months a few other anonymous social networking applications (such as Secret, Whisper) are very similar. But Bearch co-founder Michael Schramm argues, stressed that the company’s goal is for users to create a unique community. Unseen concept is by artificial and outsourcing review process, reduce the anonymous application bullied by control loopholes and other improper content transmission.

but I think, in fact, Unseen haven’t do this. Such as browsing the university photos in this application, you can find a girl named “slut” (bitch) users steal pictures, as well as some suggestive photos! Many posts are a subtle sex, quite a number of is a photo of female body parts, are ugly. Naked boys discuss the girl in the photo, and even directly asked the girl some common questions about sex.

of course, just like other anonymous application, Unseen doesn’t highlight this kind of content. Schramm argues that applications can contain some very serious topics, such as depression, they will provide support for such content.

but in my opinion, the application of full of vulgar content such as pornography, drugs and steal photos. Some users will send some photos of the fool, or some college students ask questions such as “where can I buy wine with a fake id?”

kids are kids, but if this is the future of social media, that I’m glad I’ve been old enough.

Schramm argues with another, co-founder of the Munjal Budhabhatti jointly create the Unseen. He believes that an anonymous class application will not be a flash in the pan. They entered the field because they want to understand how to do on this matter. Is a matter of fact, Unseen by the two aims to through the mobile connection user application development: a similar to extract the local application of Jelly, the other one is the group discussion the application.

Unseen took off – or, at least successful caught the attention of the investors. The company declined to users only said in the past five weeks, the growth rate of 93% per week. But consider this application) has just launched three months, and this growth is not very representative. After all, from scratch to any step is a big number.

according to Google Play application installation, according to the tracking data on Android, Unseen users only 500 to 500. On iOS, users may be more. But also it can be seen that in the early stages of Unseen hasn’t been a huge success.

the application has entered the 40 universities. The user does not have to register or log in, just from the search box to join the campus information flow.

set up correct tone?

Schramm argues

the beginning at the start of said in an interview: “I hate anonymous application, I think they are rubbish.” But then he explained, anonymous application is a good platform of self-expression. He also said that in the traditional social media, people always consciously or unconsciously to maintain their own image in front of friends or colleagues, so actually pull away the distance between each other, rather than more close.

— the younger generation with the real-name Facebook activity and pictures (some people are very shy) growth of the group of people, like anonymous platform. They like Snapchat and other “burn after reading” the illicit close communications applications, as well as like Yik Yak, Whisper such “social” applications. Unseen to fully use the craze, forming different styles.

Schramm argues, said they would review the photos on the Unseen in secret. For example, if someone made a full nude, they will be deleted. If the sender to send naked pictures of part of the body, they will continue to delete, until photographs conform to the stipulations of the Unseen in the community. When you first open the Unseen application, you will see a long user agreement, it clearly tells you what can and cannot do.

Unseen by secret review as soon as possible to the community the tone.

Bearch plan is to use the new financing gradually expand the customer base. At present, waiting for the permission to use the list of Unsee has 863 schools. Schramm argues, says they need careful thinking about how to get to the next. “In the anonymous world unchecked growth is a very dangerous thing.” He said.

but also should note that anonymous world itself is also very dangerous.