“Upcoming events” good credit financial network CEO ming-shun li about the Internet

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this share guests: good credit network CEO ming-shun li

a guest is introduced:

good credit net (www.haodai.com), the founder and CEO ming-shun li Internet for 13 years, in different types of Internet companies are done, including big companies such as netease, tencent, etc, also including vertical CBSi, middle online website, has also been working, doing now is the fourth of his own business. Six years before, ming-shun li always do Discuz! Make the company achieve the industry, and a team on the first name, 80% of China’s web site is Discuz! To the user. After the Discuz! Is tencent’s $44 million takeover. Good credit network currently has won tens of millions of A round of funding.

topic: Internet financial trends and future

time: at 2 PM on Saturday

location: financial street parkson shopping center CITS changan tower 10 layer camel town (subway station port B) sparkles

limit number: 50 people (completely free)

activity agenda:

14 points – 15 speaker
15-16 point audience questions, answer guest
16 points – tea, free exchange