Well, finally I have a little time between exams to add some things from the old blog to this one.

On the one hand I have passed the guestbook, it is a little bit frivolous because they all have the same date and time and it seems that I have put them 😀 and on the other hand I have put the old assembler section inside university, my intention will be hang some notes, some practices, if someone wants to collaborate, it’s good for you (students of the ponti), you can send me yours and I’ll hang it here.

On the other hand I have added a photo of myself and using GD + php + mySQL I have created a visitor counter to show with a graphic the last 7 days.

I do not want to fill the page with a lot of photos since it will take a long time to load, so during these days I will continue to make some changes.

Internet Explorer will activate the Activex components

A great news for web programmers because so far one of the worst things that happened when programming a component for a website was that from the explorer the user was forced to activate it before it could be used, which could be heavy for any visitor

What I did not know was that in some cases, this could be avoided by using javascript.

In short, there is no need to worry that as of January the activex controls will be activated automatically through the “Internet Explorer Automatic Component Activation Preview”