USB u3

Today I released my new 1GB U3 pen drive, this system allows to have smart USB disks that make programs, personal preferences, passwords and settings, and files more portable, personal and protected. Each U3 disk has a ‘Launcher’ from which applications can be opened in Windows 2000 / XP.

One of the things that I like is that we can put password to access our pendrive (if we lose it will not be able to access the information contained) but surely with a looter. XD.

The application launcher already had it in my old pen drives where I had mail client, antivirus, putty, … but I had to manually run the launcher, in this case it runs only when starting 😀 this opens the door to a multitude of ideas in my disturbed head, for example, we can make a program that automatically when we connect it to a computer, copy certain programs or install something without having to do anything else, just by plugging it into a USB port 😀

I’ll look at something more about this system. One thing I did not like at the moment is that it does not work in linux 🙁

The party of death

I have found this story via meneame and I liked it a lot (although it is very sad) about some players of the dynamo of Kiev who after the Nazi occupation were forced to go into exile and leave their jobs.

Little by little they were creating their own soccer team and after winning several games the German army teams were tortured and executed.

Another story more in the style of Anne Frank.

Turn your widgets into mini-applications

Although for Mac it appeared a while ago, now it has come out support also for windows view of the Amnesty program.

This program converts the code of a web widget, games or videos into a mini application that you can run on your desktop.

Examples of widgets you can find in Yahoo, Google, Microsoft …
It is still in Beta (for Windows Vista), and it is freeware.

They gave me two in two

If my grandfather already said it … for life … with his head high but with respect to others. And lately it seems that people are losing their heads, nerves are soaring, it seems that good manners have disappeared.

There is nothing more to take the car one day, it is rare that no one whistles or that you do not give the lights or that you go forward with gestures with arms and screaming as if you were to understand them … and the most they get is to dirty the crystals are your drool.

People are angry, more and more the spirit of society is lost, people among people feel uncomfortable.

But this situation does not refer only to young people, this has already been extended from 7-year-old children who steal and insult, to 70-year-old grandparents who only know how to complain and insult others.

I was angry before 🙂 Yes, it was one of those that jumped to the first, that I did not care about anything except to satisfy that feeling that impelled me to hit or scream or whatever … and now .. more and more, I try to control myself , I am no longer interested in that feeling, I try to see the good part of all things and above all I try to maintain my patience. If you let yourself go, two things can happen, or you can wipe out the situation and remain as insensitive, bitter and rude (as long as something worse does not have a solution) or you get the octopus.

Now, my new self, prefers to talk about things, not prejudge anything or anyone, and above all and the most difficult .. if something can be avoided … avoid it …

With this I do not mean that I have become a panolis who does not care about everything, if they look for me they find me, but I no longer look for … 😉

Even today I am excited to see how young people get up on the bus to let an old man sit down, or as drivers kindly give way to others, as people help people in a disinterested way …

To finish a video about violence … is it worth living that way? .. LIVE AND LIVE! and avoid the problems …