Used car buying and selling tools CarLister says a minutes of trading success, how to do?

buying and selling used cars can always go through a long process, the Car the Lister is trying to change the status quo, let people can complete the transaction in less than a minute, as long as you provide the vehicle identification number (VIN), operated on a smartphone is enough.

use of this software, you need an account after the account set up you have to do is fill out the vehicle identification code and answer some questions, such as car brands and models, and so on. System will automatically generate the title and abstract for you, these all need not you yourself. If you are not satisfied with the generated a paragraph, you can click on the button to regenerate. By clicking on the button you can add eight pictures and a video, every Car on the Car the Lister has distributed the accident report.

by Mac and iOS devices to access the website buyers can see a Facetime icon on the list of vehicles, in before going to the car, for sure, you can pass the phone software to communicate with the seller, if you need more detailed information, you can also send email to the seller.

really brought convenience to second-hand car trading, but in addition to the actual payment calculator in the process of buying and selling, it does not provide much service. . And they will contact potential customers, and then let them in price negotiations, the buyers must be prepaid cash or to raise funds to complete the transaction.

the Car the Lister has carried out an activity, let people try this system, the first 8888 Car free consignment just provide the accident report. Then the company carried out another plan, you as long as pay $14.44, you can upload pictures, 30 and may choose to upload the video, these will hang on the Internet, until you sell the vehicle, while the free version only 14 days.

this system allows you to and five dealers to trade, they will be bidding on your car.

Source: TC