User jingdong said to me! Tencent said

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute qiankun

June 18, Beijing university presses, according to the published data, order quantity from the mobile throughout the overall 25%, although not be listed in detail from different mobile client order quantity data, and the reference in the first quarter of jingdong App contribution order alone accounted for 18%. That is to say, 618 large presses, micro letter hand Q combined for jingdong contribution, not more than 7% of the total.

in terms of jingdong and tencent’s operating ability, believe that the east elder brother Mr Ma is not satisfied with the results.

but where is the problem? Simple review:
On May 27, micro letter online jingdong level entry “shopping”, the title no word “jingdong”, and does not support other than the micro letter to pay of payment.

on June 4th, jingdong App support micro letter to login, but as of June 25, still does not support the micro letter.

dangdang mouth classmate had said, “tencent’s flow of electricity is a false proposition”, open the east elder brother is not shallow to want to take a 15% stake in exchange for a long-term free flow of the Lord. The real problem lies in the word “user”.

it is well known that jingdong pre-ipo, tencent suddenly appear in the position of the “sedan chair”, the core aim is to pay WeChat, namely in order to expand support WeChat pay using merchants and suitable application scenarios, let WeChat become inevitable as alipay payment habits, and businesses must use payment tool. Colloquial words, the micro letter access businesses, including jingdong users into micro letter to pay. This in a letter that boasts $1.4 billion level is well entrance has embodied. From the point of its design, more like the “use micro letter of jingdong users” purchasing behavior is internalized into micro letter platform, and castration off of other payments habits, only use the micro letter to pay this the only way.

to some extent, this is jingdong “subscribers”. Imagine, after a period of time, a growing number of jingdong user habit in WeChat the shopping channel to purchase goods, jingdong has its own App users inevitably decline, if the “shopping” in the channel of commodity is no longer just quietly jingdong provide… Under the existing mechanism, jingdong only for sales, can’t get new users, and even the user loss risk, the east elder brother will be happy?

so the east elder brother also naturally left hand, jingdong App support micro letter to login, this is a Pose micro letter – a warm welcome users to Beijing east and shopping. In the past, but three weeks support for WeChat pay nothing happened, still technology obviously will not be a problem. So can only be interpreted as a gesture, “my (user) is my, you also I (WeChat), but I’m not you pay (WeChat)”.

united mining the same crowd entertainment communication demand and consumption demand, is a nice story, truth is also very touching. But the most is less than half a butt sitting on a bench. So the break-up, though not yet, the two sides GeYing key problems are inevitable. 618 that is far less than the expected performance of the natural.

this is not a myth of a micro letter again breaking special scene in the story. From public comments to jingdong, are all the same questions over and over again – could really share user and tencent?